R-Rated DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE ‘Please Silence Your Phones’ PSA Arrives in Theaters


It's been teased for a while now, but Deadpool and Wolverine's “Please Silence Your Phone” PSA has finally hit theaters. Naturally, it has also reached the Internet. So if you can't wait to be assigned by an angry mutant and a sarcastic anti-heroyou can do it right away.

You should always silence the phone in the theater. But this Deadpool and Wolverine PSA certainly doesn't hurt as a reminder. It also gives us a very vibrant and beep-filled taste of what's to come in the full film. We knew it Deadpool and Wolverine is rated R, but even this “Silence Your Phones” PSA is more intense than we expected. There are jokes. There are threats of violence. And there are F-bombs and more. We need a minute to reconcile this PSA, for what it means Deadpool and Wolverineand the MCU.

Marvel Studios

Anyway, please silence your mobiles, bub. Or this extra vicious (and R-rated) Wolverine will. Goof! Deadpool and Wolverine Releases in theaters on July 26, 2024.


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