Remember When ‘Community’ Had Its Own ‘Doctor Who’?


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  • Inspector Spacetime
    Doctor Who
    NBC parody
    he endeared himself even to the cast members
    Doctor Who
  • Featured in season 3 of
    Inspector Spacetime was a parody of low-budget sci-fi series with quirky characters and absurd storylines.
  • while
    Inspector Spacetime
    It has faced challenges, including trying to spin off its own show as a web series, but it remains a nostalgic fan favorite.

From action movies to war documentaries to classic westerns, NBC community he has always excelled in making parodies. But perhaps one of his greatest successes in making fun of other media has not been getting the attention it deserves. A staple of the 'geek is the new cool' era of the 2010s, community's Inspector Spacetime the series was one Doctor Who a spoof that is still beloved by die-hard fanswith cosplays still appearing at conventions and even its own wiki, but it's hardly remembered by more casual viewers, or at least not nearly as much as the now-iconic paintball episodes that pointed their guns at pretty much every genre in the world of the cinema

once to sleep (Danny Pudi) and that of Troy (Donald Glover) favorite TV series, Inspector Spacetime it was, for a time, one of the greatest things ever born community. He finally arrived at the Doctor Who world and even became his own, with a web series that fans can still watch to this day. But just in case you're not sure what we're talking about, let's step into the TARDIS… ahemat the STAND for a bit and remember that time community did Doctor Who almost as well as Doctor Who same


A disbarred attorney is forced to enroll at a community college with an eccentric staff and student body.

Publication date
September 17, 2009

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It is presented to the viewers Inspector Spacetime alongside Abed in the season 3 opening episode, “Biology 101”. While the main story focuses on Jeff trying to maintain his friendship with the study group after being kicked out of the biology class they had signed up for together, there is a subplot about Abed losing his none due to the fact that his beloved Cougar Town has moved from the midseason schedule, a reference to communityown programming problems at NBC. To help calm him down, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) introduces him to the British sitcom that actually inspired it Cougar Towna fictional show named after Cougarton Abbey. Unfortunately, as is the case with most British series, Cougarton Abbey it only lasted a total of six episodes and ended with all of its characters drinking poisoned tea and dying. This leads Abed to a complete breakdown, and it's when he tries to undo the damage he caused that Britta discovers the inspector and his adventures.

unlike Cougarton Abbey and other British shows, Inspector Spacetimeexplains Britta, has been on the air non-stop since 1962. With an absurdly low budget, the series features two main characters: the Inspector (Travis Richey) and his human partner, Constable Reggie (Derwin Jordan), a clear reference to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney), who served as the Doctor's companion primarily during his third incarnation (Jon Pertwee). Travel in a typically British phone booth instead of a police box and fight Blorgons who shout “Erradica!” instead of exterminating Daleks, the inspector immediately wins Abed's heart. Fans are also hooked, especially those who are also on a certain British copycat show called Doctor Who — a show that enjoyed popularity when “Biology 101” first aired. Matt Smith as the eleventh doctor and Karen Gillan i Arthur Darvill as companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

From then on, Inspector Spacetime began to appear in many community Season 3 episodes, whether as something that plays in the background while Abed senses the existence of another, darker timeline in “Remedial Chaos Theory” or as one of the components of Troy and Abed's Dreamatorium in “Virtual Systems Analysis”. Little by little, we learn more about the show, like the fact that has a much reviled holiday special in which the inspector and Reggie celebrate weather day. while Doctor Who has its fair share of specials, the episode, which Abed wants his friends to watch with him for Christmas, is a nod to another sci-fi franchise: War of the galaxies. In a maligned television special, Luke (Mark Hamill) and the octopus from Chewbacca's company (Peter Mayhew) to see how Wookiees celebrate Life Day.

The “Inspector Spacetime” fever reached its highest point in an episode of season 4

And speaking of slander, while season 3 of community is what he presents to us Inspector Spacetimethe fictional television series peaked in season 4. The third episode of the season, “Conventions of Space and Time” is about the study group traveling together to an Inspector Spacetime event. While Jeff (Joel McHale) is mistaken for the actor behind the popular shirtless villain Thoraxis, Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Pierce (Chevy Chase) to be invited to a panel to discuss an American version of the show titled Ages of eternity. Pierce's many opinions on the pilot end up making all the difference, making the series a very sexist and horrible parody of itself. With himself being, you know, a parody.

Also, in a strangely foreboding story, Britta wants to convince Troy and Abed that the only inspector she's ever been, Minerva, is actually good., despite being hated by the fandom. Not because they're sexist, yes, but because she's actually mean. Now, there's no telling if that's true or not, after all, it's a fictional fandom for a fictional TV show, but it's strange what this ends up saying about the future. When the episode aired in 2013, there was already some fan pressure for the next Doctor to be a woman. That wouldn't happen until 2018, when Jodie Whittaker assumed the position of Thirteenth Doctor, the first and only woman to direct the series. As a performer, she is far from doing a bad job and in fact brings her best to the character. However, it is difficult not to argue that her career as the Doctor, directed by the showrunner Chris Chibnallit is unmemorable at best.

But the episode's real main plot revolves around Abed and Troy facing changes in their duo's dynamic. While Troy has started sleeping with Britta, Abed has made a new friend in the form of Inspector Spacetime superfan Toby (Matt Lucas). Mad at his best friend for choosing his wife over convention, Toby tries to convince Abed to leave Troy, arguing that neurotypicals only keep people like them. However, in the end, Abed gives a whole speech about how Troy is important and the only person keeping him grounded, which is a very sweet moment for the couple. It's also good for what it says Doctor Whoor better, Inspector Spacetime: Just as the Logical Inspector needs his emotional human agents, Abed needs his Troy.

The cast of 'Doctor Who' was extremely into 'Inspector Spacetime'

Donald Glover and Danny Pudi as Troy and Abed holding an Inspector Spacetime poster in Community
Image via NBC

Toby's Matt Lucas is none other than the actor who played NardoleRiver Song's (Alex Kingston) companion during Peter CapaldiIt's time as the Twelfth Doctor. This already proves it community he spared no effort in making Inspector SpacetimeThe connection to his source of inspiration is quite clear. However, the cast of Doctor Who overall it was also very deep communitythey undertake their work. At the time, it was regular for Gillan, Darvill and Smith, as well as the showrunner Steven Moffatto get questions about Inspector Spacetime, whether from fans or journalists; the topic came up at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con and the 2012 official Doctor Who convention

Gillan is often the most enthusiastic about parody. During a 2012 interview, he even expressed interest in having a cameo in the NBC series. “hey communityjust wanted to say that at any moment you might need an Amy Pond Inspector Spacetimethen just let me know,” the actress joked. Unfortunately, Amy Pond is gone Doctor Who later that year, and community he pretty much stopped talking about the show after “Conventions of Space and Time”, so this crossover never took place.


The opening of this episode “community” was a big middle finger to NBC

So much for being more normal…

“Inspector Spacetime” eventually came into its own

But that doesn't mean Inspector Spacetime died in 2013. Well, okay, it was, but not why communityThe showrunners decided to kill him off. In 2012, the actor under the inspector's hat, Travis Richey, contacted Sony and NBC to try to make it a reality Inspector Spacetime TV series. Since he never heard anything about them, Richey decided to create a Kickstarter to fund his project as a web series. Of course, Sony and NBC got in touch shortly after the crowdfunding campaign went online and asked her to please drop it. He didn't, but changed the title of his show to Untitled web series about a space traveler who can also travel through time.

The entire first season of Untitled web series about a space traveler who can also travel through time is available on YouTubeand while it's far from prestige TV, it's still a fun watch for fans community i Doctor Who. Mentions of a second season of prominence The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik i Star Trek: Voyager's Robert Picardo it can be found online, even on IMDb, but the actual videos don't seem to be posted anywhere. It is very likely that this was never done, or perhaps just lost to time, where only the inspector can retrieve it.

community is available to stream on Peacock in the US

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