‘RHOSLC’ Star Monica Garcia Has a Clout Chaser to Worry About


The Big Picture

  • Monica Garcia and Tenesha Luckett’s friendship has been destroyed after Garcia’s involvement in the Instagram troll account was revealed.
  • Luckett has leaked audio and Garcia has shared footage of her phone to defend themselves.
  • Luckett’s attempt to sell stories about Garcia suggests the fallout extends beyond the reunion episode.

Monica Garcia was the new housewife in town in the fourth season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The shocking reveal in the Season 4 finale was that Garcia took part in the Instagram account Reality Von Teese haunted the cast for years prior. Now Tenesha Luckett, who reportedly worked with Garcia on the account and was a mutual friend between Garcia and Heather Gay, is willing to share stories about Garcia. Luckett, who was the one who told Gay about Garcia’s involvement in the account, reached out to the website Reality Tea to share stories about her former partner in crime.

Reality Tea shared that Luckett reached out to them, writing in a DM saying: “If you guys want to buy the story, I’m happy to sell it to you.” The DM comes after Reality Tea reached out to Luckett for an interview but shared that Luckett said she had an issue with comments made in a previous article by the outlet but refused to share which article she had an issue with. Instead, she sent them the DM offering to sell stories on Garcia to the outlet. Reality Tea stated that it was the final DM that they received from Luckett.

What viewers saw in the final episode of Season 4 was the build-up of years of the cast fighting against the Instagram account, which according to Garcia was started to take down Jen Shah. Garcia insists the other women were collateral damage in the process. The reveal also came with receipts from Garcia that the housewives, particularly Angie Katsanevas, would react to stories from the account and DM Reality Von Teese while she sent information to the account that Garcia claims Luckett mostly ran. What we’ve seen since the reveal (with hints of more to come from Garcia’s Instagram posts) is the destruction of their friendship.

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Is Monica Garcia Getting Bad Karma After the Reality Von Teese Drama?

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Since the reveal, Garcia and Luckett have been covering themselves. Luckett has leaked audio that prompted Garcia to share footage of her phone which shows Luckett saving all the voice memos that Garcia sent her.


Monica Garcia’s Online Trolling Made ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ the Best Franchise on Bravo

The ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ cast react as Monica Garcia is accused of spreading gossip about them on social media

In response, Garcia posted the following on Instagram: “Yes. I have seen the leaked voice memos. Yes. I knew they were coming. Heather tried playing them all at reunion. Tenesha gave everything to her. As recently as this Sunday Tenesha has been saving my voice notes to her phone. Yes. My ex-best friend took my random voice notes, texts, videos, everything, and is using them to get me fired and destroyed publicly. Imagine all the things you’ve ever done with your bestie or said to your bestie being exposed. I’m sure we’ve all sent stuff to our best friends we’d hope would never get out. I am not playing the victim. Just showing what’s going on. Karma is real and I am currently living mine.”

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