Rick Ross Calls Out Drake Over ‘Champagne Moments’ Diss Track


  • Rick Ross' “Champagne Moments” is a direct and aggressive response to Drake's track, addressing personal grievances and professional accusations.
  • The track includes insults and explicit personal accusations, aimed at undermining Drake's credibility and professionalism.
  • Drake's response to the track is playful and defiant, maintaining his position in the feud.
  • The release of “Champagne Moments” has sparked significant discussion and attention within the hip-hop community, highlighting the ongoing rivalry between the two artists.

Rick Ross' song “Champagne Moments” is a direct response to Drake's “Push Ups,” which was leaked online. The song is filled with personal, sharp insults and accusations, adding to the ongoing feud between the two rappers. Ross does not explicitly name Drake in the song, but uses the audio clip of an interview where Drake praises him, suggesting a shift in their relationship from idol to rival.

One of the track's most shocking accusations is that Drake got a nose job to fit Eurocentric beauty standards. Ross raps, “You never wanna bea anyway, na/. That's why they had surgery to make your nose smaller than your father's,” implying that Drake's physical appearance is not genuine.

Rick Ross Calls Out Drake Over 'Champagne Moments' Song

This accusation, along with others like calling Drake a “white boy” and accusing him of leaking “Push Ups” to generate buzz online, highlights the depth of the animosity between the two artists.

Ross also mentions unfollowing Drake on Instagram due to allegations that Drake sent a cease and desist letter to French Montana. The track also criticizes Drake for leaking his diss track and not addressing Ross directly if he had a problem with him. Ross's lyric, “N *** as leaking their memories when we speakin' directly/If we keepin' it gangsta, when you see, you check me,” underscores his disdain for Drake's actions and suggests a challenge to Drake to get engaged. in a more direct confrontation.

The release of “Champagne Moments” has sparked significant conversation and speculation within the hip-hop community, with many anticipating Drake's response to the song. The situation marks a new chapter in the complex relationships and rivalries within the world of hip-hop, with implications for both artists' careers and the wider music scene.

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