Ryan Gosling Still Wants to Play GHOST RIDER in the MCU


The fantastic four'the main protagonist of everything set. This is the good news. The bad news is that Marvel doesn't have many major roles left to fill in the MCU. But one of Hollywood's biggest stars still wants to play one of the few prominent characters who have yet to debut in the franchise. Ryan Gosling is still waiting for Kevin Feige to choose him to play Ghost Rider.

He was nominated for an Oscar last year barbie actor (and star of both To drive i Place beyond the pines must be considered considering the character) said Josh Horowitz he wants to play Ghost Rider in the MCU. While interviewing Gosling and Emily Blunt for The Fall Guy, Horowitz noted to Gosling that he personally relayed the actor's Ghost Rider dream to Kevin Feige. That means the MCU boss knows he has two A-listers vying for the role. Keanu Reeves has also said he wants to play the character as well.

Universal Pictures/Marvel Comics

Will Feige choose any of them when it comes time to choose the role? He should choose both! What's the point of a multiverse if you can't get Gosling and Keanu to play Ghost Rider?


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