Serial Killer Survivor Tina Marie Risico Breaks Silence 40 Years Later


That's why, he said, when Wilder asked him to approach a girl at a mall in Gary, Ind., and talk her into coming with them, Risico felt compelled to do as he was told. “All I could think of was, 'How can I save her? How can I tell her to get out of here?'” he said. “But I just did what he said.”

Dawnette Sue Wiltalso 16, said she was lured by a fashion show modeling offer and joined the pair in the car as they drove off.

“After he finished raping her, raping me, he allowed, he said, 'You have to go take a bath,'” Risico recalled. “And while I was in the bathroom, I could see the lights going on and off, so I was electrocuting her. And she was screaming. I could hear her from the bathroom.”

To this day, Risico said his two regrets are getting in the car with Wilder and taking Wilt with them. “It was a choice,” he said. “It wasn't mine, but it was a choice, and I had to live with it.”


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