‘SNL’ – Jacob Elordi Shows Off Comedic Chops in the Night’s Best Sketches

‘SNL’ – Jacob Elordi Shows Off Comedic Chops in the Night’s Best Sketches


The Big Picture

  • Jacob Elordi hosted this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live with Reneé Rapp as the musical guest.
  • Elordi showcased his comedic chops in the night’s best sketches, proving to be a great host.
  • Rachel McAdams contributes to the fun, poking fun at herself and ending the night perfectly.

We’re back with a new Saturday Night Live this week with host Jacob Elordi and musical guest Renée Rapp. Overall, it was a strong episode with Elordi showing his comedic prowess across the night, even with some odd sketches along the way. While sketches like the bowling alley with weird animations or the Alaska Airlines ad were funny, there were undoubtedly others that stood out from the pack.

Before we dive into the best sketches from Elordi, we’ll recognize one that almost made the cut. Elordi’s appearance in the “Women’s AA meeting” sketch delivered one of the best lines of the night with Ego Nwodim‘s “I don’t know, Comic Con” joke, but also saw him play off impressively with the show’s cast, setting the tone of what to expect from his night as host. Below are three of the best of the night and SNL’s first show 2024.

Short Kings Deserve Crowns Too

When a show like The Bachelor is geared towards short kings only, the woman (Chloe Fineman) has to look at the overall package to pick the best. With a lot of jokes about how tall Marcello Hernandez is, the sketch unfolds as you’d expect till Elordi rolls in. For context, Elordi is 6’5″. So, on a show about short kings, Elordi is not someone you think would show up. Nevertheless, he comes in to steal away their girl. Though the sketch is straightforward, it was hilarious to watch how fast Fineman dropped her appreciation of short kings when Elordi joins the lineup, despite him wanting to borrow $200,000. While there are only so many places the sketch could have gone, it was a letdown waiting for Elordi, who was playing a man from Pittsburh, say “yinz” or “jagoffs” but, sadly, he didn’t.

Jacob Elordi, Bowen Yang, and Reneé Rapp Are Near Perfect Lip Readers

It’s perfectly normal to want to hear what celebrities are saying in certain clips. Luckily, we have Elordi and Bowen Yang there to help. When Entertainment Tonight hosts (Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim) are trying to figure out what stars like Taylor Swift and Timothée Chalamet were saying at events, maybe they shouldn’t have asked Elordi and Yang to lip read as they’re not the best at it. Watching Elordi and Yang fumble through what Chalamet and Swift could be saying to their partners Kylie Jenner and Travis Kelce respectively, is funny enough but when their “Lesbian intern Renée” joins them, the sketch rises to a new height of comedy.

Don’t Take Acting Lessons From Jacob Elordi

Rachel McAdams, who was there to announce Rapp for her final musical number, stayed to take part in a sketch. That sketch was all about an acting class led by Yang who needed a lot of help with their skill. Mikey Day and Fineman start the sketch in a scene together and it goes into Yang telling each of the actors what they need to work on with McAdams, who was playing an actress named Natalie Partman, being told she is going to always have to fight against looking like Rachel McAdams and that she should maybe change her name to sound not like Natalie Portman.

Elordi eventually comes in as a famous successful actor (like he is) and the sketch is a Q&A between him and the actors and it was hilarious to watch Elordi embody the “actorisms”. Like using prayer hands to say thank you and not knowing what the word “rejection” is. Genuinely funny, hilarious to watch McAdams keep making fun of herself (including a joke about The Notebook), and a perfect sketch towards the end of the night.

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