SZA Shares Her Experience with Breast Cancer Scare, Chooses to Remove Implants


SZA, the Grammy-winning singer, has shared her personal journey with breast cancer, detailing her decision to remove breast implants due to a heightened risk of developing the disease. Speaking on the S.H.E. MD podcast, hosted by Mary Alice Haney and Dr. Thais Aliabadi, SZA opened up about her family’s breast cancer history and how it influenced her choice to undergo plastic surgery.

SZA Shares Her Experience with Breast Cancer Scare, Chooses to Remove Implants

She disclosed that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and her aunt underwent a mastectomy, leading her to discover a 53% lifetime risk of developing the disease.

Initially opting for breast implants, SZA encountered complications due to fibrosis, characterized by the thickening and scarring of connective tissue in her breasts. Despite some fibrosis removal during the initial procedure, she discovered a substantial amount remaining, describing it as “crazy.”

In conversation with Dr. Aliabadi, SZA admitted she should have consulted a doctor before getting implants, considering her heightened breast cancer risk. She confessed to “sneaking” and getting the procedure anyway.

SZA Singing
SZA Singing

Metal markers in her breast indicated fibrosis, a condition not recommended for someone with her risk factors. The implants caused pain and excessive scar tissue due to her dense breasts, leading her to the conclusion that breast implants were not suitable for her.

SZA’s choice to remove the implants stemmed from the discomfort, pain, and the realization that they were ill-suited for her given her family history and fibrosis. Expressing relief post-removal, she noted feeling better and highlighted the resolution of many concerns.

This revelation emphasizes the importance of considering personal health risks and family history when deciding on plastic surgery. SZA’s story underscores the complexities of navigating one’s body and underscores the significance of prioritizing health and well-being over aesthetic choices.

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