‘Teen Mom’s’ Longest-Lasting Couple Only Make Each Other Worse


The big picture

  • Catelynn and Tyler's relationship is fraught with turmoil and has been a source of stress for their family.
  • The
    teenage mother
    The couple has faced infidelity and offloading commitments, struggling to grow within their relationship cycle.
  • It might be time for Catelynn and Tyler to take a step back, get to know who they are outside of the relationship, and focus on their individual needs.

Reality TV is full of tumultuous relationships, with many shows giving audiences an intimate look at the couples struggling at their core. Nowhere is this truer than a teenage mothera historical series created by Lauren Dolgen which originally aired on MTV and showed the struggles faced by teenage mothers in America today. This show has had countless contestants, with some of the show's biggest stars as original cast members Catelynn Lowell and his partner, Tyler Baltierra. Many of these shows have pursued romantic relationships after the birth of their children, but Tyler and Catelynn's has lasted far longer than most of their co-stars, for better or for worse. Because, as shown in the initial program and its multiple derivations, this couple's relationship has rarely been peaceful for long, and has proven multiple times to be a huge source of stress for his family. Their love for each other is admirable, but audiences have seen numerous examples of how volatile their partnership really is. It's a complicated romance that has proven to be a disservice to each person, and perhaps this couple's time has come. to move away and stop holding back.

teenage mother

A documentary series that follows four of the stars of the first season of 16 & Pregnant, Farrah, Maci, Amber and Catelynn, as they face the challenges of motherhood.

Created by
Lauren Dolgen

First TV show
teenage mother

Air date of the first episode
December 1, 2009

Amber Portwood, Catelynn Baltierra, Maci Bookout, Debra Danielsen

This 'Teen Mom' story was harder than most

when teenage mother premiered over a decade ago, viewers were completely devoted to watching each of these young parents approach their pregnancies, and many handled the development in ways that most wouldn't consider healthy. However, while his fellow moms like him Farrah Abraham i Amber Portwood Making questionable decisions throughout their tenure on the show, Catelynn and Tyler showed refreshing maturity when they found out she was pregnant with their child. Her pregnancy journey was documented in the flagship series 16 and pregnant, which saw this couple (who had been together since middle school) find out they were pregnant when Catelynn was a junior in high school. Both children realized that neither of them was mentally prepared for their own lives and they knew it too that their home lives were not the kind in which a baby should grow up – Each of their parents struggled with addiction and the couple discussed how it created an unsafe environment for them, let alone a newborn. Unlike other mothers, these series are documented Catelynn's struggle with the difficult decision to put her baby up for adoptionwith the audience watching the emotional moments of this girl giving her child to a loving couple with the agreement that she and Tyler would have visiting privileges once a year.

It was a very mature but heartbreaking decision by the young couple that gave viewers a much needed depiction of the adoption process. This was an overall moving showcase, with the teenagers showing an impressive amount of awareness that they weren't the best to give this kid a happy life. Still, despite the relative unity they showed in this original process and the clear affection they had for each other, subsequent television appearances began to show cracks in the couple's emotional foundation. First, it wasn't built on the firmest ground. While it's great to see the couple's communication and romance in their early screenings, it is constantly reiterated that they were just children, and that their feelings for each other did not develop with an understanding of adult needs that comes with mature love. Their son was a wake-up call for the couplean understandably monumental change in their relationship, in which future appearances saw their relationship begin to fall apart.

Catelynn and Tyler's relationship is stuck in a cycle


An immensely effective aspect of As a teenage mother The storytelling was how it perfectly represented young adults at its core, namely how, regardless of your experiences, young people will make stupid decisions. This is perfectly shown through Catelynn and Tyler's storyline, as the following years (and seasons of various shows) saw the two suffer infidelity and call off engagements as they struggled to grow in this relationship. They never seemed to consider the potential benefits of focusing on their personal growth before committing to a life together, with that constant coercion that landed them on Vh1's. Couples therapy. This couple hoped that the infamous show, known for messily revealing reality couples' biggest secrets, would give them what they needed to be happy together. In it, Tyler expressed the feeling that Catelynn held him back, with the young woman herself saying that despite how much they loved each other, it was sometimes hard to imagine their relationship working with all the problems they had. After these confessions, the program really saw them make good progress this carried them through the next few years as they became engaged (after a few broken engagements) and as Tyler supported her in her recovery from addiction and postpartum depression. It seemed they had finally found their groove, having more children and working together to make a happy family, though Teen Mom: Family Reunion shows that, once again, their bond may be fraying.

The latest in many sequels to this series, Teen Mom: Family Reunion brings back stars of the franchise with their partners on a perfect tropical getaway to rest, rejuvenate and bring up the old drama. While fans were happy to see Catelynn and Tyler back on their screens, they were disappointed to see old issues resurface. In one of the biggest fights of the season, he threatens to divorce her if her “needs aren't met,” recalling the many times this couple called off their relationships and perpetuating the toxic pattern they had been living in since high school. It's clear that the couple have helped each other grow and their love has welcomed four beautiful children into the world, but with their latest TV outing so closely mirroring the conflicts they experienced more than a decade ago, it is clear that they have not solved the root problems that have always caused them problems. It clearly affects them and their family and may be a sign that before they can learn to be happy and solve problems together, they may need to separate to stop holding each other back and find out what their needs are as individuals .


'Teen Mom: Family Reunion' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

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Catelynn and Tyler from 'Teen Mom' need some time apart

This is undeniable Catelynn and Tyler's partnership is one of the best parts of the Teen Mom franchise. Their relationship has been documented for years, investing viewers in each life milestone and the state of their love, which is why it's so disheartening to see them go through the same issues over and over again. It's very easy for couples to fall into toxic patterns that are hard to break out of and are worse when the long relationship has affected each person from becoming healthy adults. It's amazing that they were able to help each other through so many problems, but this seemingly endless cycle of love and pain doesn't help in the long run either. Maybe it's time for the couple to say goodbye for now and learn who they are outside of this relationshipand hopefully, in doing so, they'll learn exactly what they can do to make each other happy, whether that means being together or not.

teenage mother is available to stream on Paramount Plus in the US



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