The 6 Biggest Makeup Trends Of Summer 2024


While some people are bold enough to opt for a completely new hair color or style to welcome a new season, others may be hesitant to change their entire look (or mess with their color analysis ). This is where makeup comes in – it has the ability to be totally transformative and you can still wash it off at the end of the day. Even better? Then you can try something new the next day.

This is especially true when it comes to the top makeup trends of summer 2024. The hottest looks of the hottest season encourage fun and experimentation for lids, lips and face. There's no better time to paint outside the lines with silver sparkles, draw new eyeliner shapes, or play with glittery finishes than summer when life is easy. Read on for six summer makeup trends that will totally liven up your beauty routine this season.

Liquid silver eyeshadow

Chrome eye makeup looks are going to have a big moment this season. As seen on some of the most creative makeup trendsetters in Hollywood, all finishes are fair game, whether they're shimmery, shimmery, or all-metallic. Try wearing silver eyeshadow anywhere but the lid for an extra futuristic touch.

Greige lips

Cool-toned lip colors offer a balanced contrast to the typically warm summer color palette and add a pop to your overall look. (Think of taupe lipstick as summer's soft, goth lip.) If you're nervous that a full-coverage gray lip will look too blue, try pairing your favorite nude lipstick with a slightly sheer lipstick gray or mauve

Sun kissed blush

For months and months, Barbie pink has reigned supreme as the go-to color for a bold blush, but this season blush has taken a more subtle turn. Warm apricot tones, reddish browns and slightly sunburned oranges give the cheeks a more natural sun-kissed look.

50 shades of green

Blue eyeshadow always reappears in the trend cycle every few seasons, but this summer a less expected shade is emerging with the most exciting color to try: bold green. The easiest way to embrace the trend is to choose an eyeshadow shade to coordinate with your skin tone. Light mint and pistachio will pop on paler skin tones (a la Hunter Schafer), while those with deeper skin tones may choose to try an emerald or forest green.

Double eyeliner

Don't let your classic upper lid cat eye stand alone: ​​line your lower lash line and pull it back to match for a fresh, new (and pop star-approved) look.

High gloss lip gloss

Juicy, glossy lips scream summer and pull off spring's soft matte lip trend. A lip gloss or tinted oil can finish off a five-minute makeup routine effortlessly i it also has a 2000s party aesthetic that makes it a favorite for nights out, basically getting you ready for summer's two modes.


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