The Biggest ‘X-Men ’97’ Episode 9 Easter Eggs


The big picture

  • The latest episode of X-Men '97 pays homage to classic comics with nostalgic hero costumes and iconic story references.
  • Get ready for a shocking season finale full of mind-blowing Easter eggs and terrifying comic book tricks.
  • The creators of X-Men '97 continue to honor Marvel Comics with expert storytelling and exciting surprises.

Editor's Note: The following contains spoilers for 'X-Men '97' episode 9.

We're only one episode away from the end X-Men '97from the first season, and while the show continues to impress with the mind-blowing places it goes, two things are certain: there will be mayhem, and there will be Easter eggs. Created by Beau DeMayothis Disney+ series continues the incredible adventures that began X-Men: The Animated Seriescreated by Larry Houston, Eric Lewaldi Julia Lewald. Focusing on Marvel's titular team of heroic mutants, this freshman outing has surprised viewers with its wild plots and the immense heartbreak the characters (and the audience) go through along the way.. We're about to enter the season finale, and despite having the momentous job of setting up the climax to such a great season, this episode still managed to seamlessly include a variety of references to its mutant history who are just trying to live in peace. it doesn't matter who would rather see them dead. Let's break down those calls and learn what we can expect from the show's finale!

X-Men '97

A band of mutants use their strange gifts to protect a world that hates and fears them; they are challenged like never before, forced to face a dangerous and unexpected future.

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March 20, 2024

Jennifer Hale, Cal Dodd, Chris Potter, Catherine Disher, Adrian Hough, Ray Chase, Lenore Zann


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'X-Men '97' doesn't forget its comic book roots

Even in an episode that sees mutants battling an army of bloodthirsty robots and an Omega-level threat, X-Men '97 manages to reference the classic comic version of these characters that fans love. This appreciation begins in the opening credits of the show, with Storm (Alison Sealy-Smith) and Professor Charles Xavier (Ross Marquand) regain their place in the lineup having their own bits on the show's iconic theme. Storm wears the black and gold outfit that comic book fans have seen her in for decades, and her classic outfit isn't the only thing that stands out.

As the team prepares to take down Bastion's (Theo James) war against mutants and reversing Magneto's worldwide EMP, they wear original versions of their hero suits; Jean Gray (Jennifer Hale) in her retro green Marvel girl slip with gold face mask, Cyclops (Ray Chase) in his blue hooded suit, and Wolverine (Cal Dodd) in his classic brown and yellow ensemble from the 80s-90s. In a conversation with Cable (Chris Potter), Cyclops jokingly asks if his son thought they would wear black leather, a fun reference to 2000's Fox X Men film where a similar joke is made referencing the multi-colored spandex in the team's comic suits. They weren't the only ones to return to their original forms, as Magneto also wears the purple and red helmet suit that most fans know him in, though with everything he does in this episode, his clothing is the least of what the public should do. focus on

In response to his disabling all of the world's electronics, the X-Men reference some of their most iconic comic book titles by splitting into Blue and Gold teams to take on Magneto. As they strategize to take down Bastion and confront the man on his interstellar stronghold, Asteroid M (his home base in the original series and in the comics), Professor Xavier has a very important meeting with President of the United States, President Kelly (Ron Rubin). Fans of both the original series and the Fox universe will recognize Kelly as an anti-mutant politician who eventually became an advocate for mutants when he was elected president. In this meeting, he references the “Magneto Protocols”, a government plan from the comics that would use space satellites to prevent Magneto from using his abilities. It's a great Easter egg that references an agonizingly important aspect of the Marvel comic book world, as this season has shown fans. how destructive this Omega level mutant can really be.

'X-Men 97' Episode 8 indicates that the attack is coming

X-Men '97's the latter half has seen intense and heartbreaking references to some of the scariest moments in comics, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have time to have fun! While the Blue Team battles Magneto in space, the Gold Team fights to end Bastion's reign of terror, traveling through a small town “DeMayo's Diner” refers to the series creator. This is not the only reference, since a showdown against the Sentinels sees Morph (JP Karliak) transform into his most incredible transformation yet: the Hulk!

As they battle Beast to reach Bastion, while Sinister shows Jean Gray the extent of his control of Cable's genes, the galactic group confronts Magneto, Rogue (Lenore Zann), and Roberto Da Costa (Gui Augustini) in a scene eagle-eyed fans of the comic will quickly freak out. As the Mutants clash, Xavier struggles to gain control of Magneto's mind and undo the massive EMP, eventually doing so only to have Magneto's helmet fused to his head. As they fight, Wolverine sneaks up from behind and stabs Magneto with his claws, leading to a gruesome easter egg that many comic book fans are aware of: The moment Magneto removes the hero's Adamantium skeleton.


I've seen enough: 'X-Men '97' is the best X-Men adaptation ever

The revival softens the rougher edges of its predecessor and leans toward its more mature rating.

Casual fans may not know that Wolverine's claws are only made of steel because his entire skeleton was coated in adamantium, a super-strong metal, through a terrifying show called Weapon X. In the comic story ” Fatal Attractions,” Magneto committed this terrible act of surgery. after being attacked by the man, a scene eerily similar to what the audience sees in this episode. It's a terrifying image of agony that was faithfully adapted to the screen, but even this terrifying moment. it only serves to precede an even worse transformation — an Easter egg that fans hope the creators don't follow up on.

In the comics, after seeing this terror, Xavier makes Magneto mentally catatonic, erasing his entire psyche by unwittingly drawing the darkest part into his. It is a terrifying act that is made even worse when the two mindsets merge to create one of the worst villains the X-Men (and the entire Marvel Comic Universe) has ever seen: Onslaught. This petrifying character is a fusion of Magneto's hatred of humanity with Xavier's darkest thoughts about humans hunting mutants, fusing within the body of this super-powered telepath and creating a villain whose reign of terror only goes ending after many deaths and numerous superhero teams assembled to stop him.

The creators of 'X-Men '97' continue to respect Marvel comics

If there is one thing X-Men '97 will do, is introduce countless mind-blowing Easter eggs that thrill viewers. If the show decides to continue adapting the “Fatal Attractions” storyline, fans will learn early in the season finale just how dire an impact this episode's Easter eggs will have on the series going forward. And that's not even considering the implications of Magneto's existing protocols in this iteration of the team's story or whether Wolverine's future will be it reflects how horrible this procedure looked like it happened to him in the comics. X-Men '97The creators seem to enjoy letting fans question every aspect of their expert storytelling, but no matter what, these incredible Easter eggs continue to show the commitment these artists have to bringing these amazing comics to life on screen. Who knows where the ending will go or what it will mean for future seasons, but one thing is for sure: no matter what Easter Eggs appear next, they will be ones that all die-hard fans will enjoy.

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