‘The Circle’ Season 6 — Everything We Know About the Netflix Competition


Everyone's beloved cat fishing reality show is back! The Netflix ones The Circle is back for Season 6, and the stakes are higher than ever. Introducing 10 new contestants, the season follows the game as it always has been. Players must live together in the same building. However, they remain isolated from each other. The only way they can communicate with each other is through the Circle app, a state-of-the-art platform that allows contestants to send each other text messages, photos and bios. The only rule? Players cannot see or talk to each other face to face.

While Season 6 follows the same format as its predecessors, there is a major twist in the works. Among the 10 contestants, 1 additional surprise player will be thrown into the mix. Let's say this player is much more robotic than their human counterparts. By comedian i Survival of the fittest star Michelle Buteauonly the smartest (and dare we say shrewd) will go home with $100,000 and popularity to boot.

Without further ado, here's everything we know so far The Circle Season 6.

Watch 'The Circle' Season 6 Trailer

“The ultimate social media challenge is back.” The latest Netflix trailer The Circle Season 6 takes US audiences to Atlanta as they play the quintessential game of catfishing. Staying true to the nature of the game, 10 new contestants, all isolated in their own apartments, have the option of hooking up, chatting, hooking up, plotting, or even strategizing their way to the top through the beloved Circle app. for $100,000 in prizes.

As the trailer mentions, this season introduces a new kind of intelligence: an artificial one. An AI chatbot named Max joins the game. Taking on a very human persona, Max is here to disrupt the game and convince the players that he is one of the contestants. With no clue about an AI bot lurking on their social media platform, participants will have to be smarter and be careful who they want to portray and associate with through the app. Prepare your chat rooms for season 6 of The Circle.

When is the release date of 'The Circle' season 6?

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Season 6 of The Circle will premiere with its first four episodes on April 17. Four new episodes will then be released weekly every Wednesday. The season finale will air on May 8.

In addition to its catalog of award-winning movies and shows, Netflix has a wide range of reality TV entertainment. Other reality guilty pleasures worth checking out include Season 2 of Physics 100, a Korean competition featuring 100 contestants with daunting human physiques. If you're in the mood for some culinary madness, Season 3 of is it cake recently hit the streaming platform.

Who is in the cast of 'The Circle' season 6?

Check out the 10 contestants appearing on season 6 of The Circle.

Kyle (Miami, 31)

Kyle joins a professional basketball player The Circle with his furry companion: his dog. True to his competitive spirit, he arrives at the apartment with high hopes of winning.

Cassie(Manchester, Kentucky, 29)

Cassie has had her unfortunate experiences with catfishing: she once caught her ex-husband cheating when she came across his fake profile. But these days, he's putting the past behind him and turning over a new leaf.

Brandon (Columbus, Ohio, 34)

A nurse's aide by day, Brandon sheds his real-life “grown-up Cabbage Patch kid” persona and opts for catfish as a sexier persona. With no previous catfishing experience, we hope Brandon has what it takes.

Quori-Tyler(Los Angeles, 26)

Formerly an NBA dancer, Quori-Tyler is determined to get into the game and master the playbook. But it's not all competition for her: she's still making room for potential romances.

Lauren (Philadelphia, 26)

This former Twitch streamer knows a thing or two about socializing. With more than enough experience talking to strangers through a screen, Lauren has a natural gift for building new connections.

Caress (Dallas, 37)

When it comes to communication, this motivational speaker is looking to cut his way through the competition. Adopting the rapper and singer persona of his younger brother, he is using his already existing popularity to reach the top.

Myles (Los Angeles, 29)

A self-proclaimed guy, don't let his looks fool you. Beneath his cool facade is an AI engineer who has the brains to call catfish. Plus, it's a great flirt. Ladies, you better watch out for his tricks.

Steffi (Redondo Beach, California, 35)

Professional psychic medium and astrologer, if there's one thing Steffi trusts, it's her keen intuition. Be careful, she can easily sense something about you.

Autumn (Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 21)

Autumn's background as a full-time farm hand has shaped her into a thoroughly competitive spirit. With plenty of experience fighting animals, he's not afraid to get down and dirty.

Jordan (Austin, Texas, 24)

Jordan may seem like a jerk online, but this time around, he's making himself sound a lot more approachable The Circle.

What is 'The Circle' season 6 about?

For those unfamiliar with the show, The Circle is a reality competition series where contestants move into separate apartments within the same building. Players are physically isolated from each other and can only communicate through a specially designed social media platform called “The Circle”. The app only allows contestants to send text chat, photos and bios; they are not allowed to communicate face to face. The catch? Players can portray themselves in a different light, better known as catfishing. Using The Circle app to their advantage, contestants can form alliances, make friends, and even trick others in the name of popularity. In the midst of all this online communication, players will be asked to rate each other from time to time. Those with the lowest ratings risk being banned and removed from the game.

Things are about to get wilder in Season 6 of The Circle. With an AI bot joining the competition as the ultimate catfish, the contestants are bound to be thrown, of course. The open source artificial intelligence chatbot is endearingly named Max. Don't be fooled by their robotic tendencies. After studying the patterns and tactics of the last five seasons of the show, Max has become a very human player who is able to blend in seamlessly with the other players.

Max even has his own profile. Max describes himself as a 26-year-old intern veterinarian based in the Midwest. To play the role better, Max's profile picture shows him holding a dog. But if anyone is afraid of the bot taking over the game, those players have nothing to worry about. Max may have learned the tricks of the trade, but he has absolutely no prior knowledge of the game's players. The AI ​​bot is launched on the course without any additional input from the producers. Any interaction carried out by the AI ​​bot is exclusively his (or her).

Who are the creators of 'The Circle'?

Acts as creative director of The Circle is Tim Harcourt, which not only handles the original British version of the show, but also the American one. The inspiration for the show came when Harcourt came up with a concept for a reality show where people don't have to meet face to face. The British version of The Circle dates back to 2018. Season 1 of the US version soon followed in 2020.

Even though season 6 is just around the corner, Netflix announced that season 7 The Circle it's officially on its way.


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