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The Twilight Saga is an iconic fantasy romance series based on the novels by Stephanie Meyer, centering on an epic love story between a human and a vampire. It became extremely popular among teenage girls and quickly grew into a global phenomenon spanning five movies. Now, with the current state of the entertainment industry, a new Twilight series is currently in development.

Starring Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen, the series has its own rules for vampires that are quite different from the classic folklore, including sparkly skin and color-changing eyes. The undead beings are shown to not only have superior strength, endurance, and speed but also whatever abilities and traits they had as humans become greatly enhanced as vampires. Some even gain unique supernatural gifts, such as telepathy or clairvoyance. Members of the Cullen family had some of the best powersets of any vampire in this universe, but a precious few had abilities that vastly towered over their kin.

The Twilight Saga

When Bella Swan moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest, she falls in love with Edward Cullen, a mysterious classmate who reveals himself to be a 108-year-old vampire.

5 Emmett Cullen

Ability: Superior Strength

Emmett Cullen in 'Twilight', wearing a backwards baseball cap in a field.
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Played by Kellan Lutz, Emmett became part of the Cullens thanks to Rosalie (Nikki Reed), who found him near death after a bear attack. Wanting to save him, she resisted the urge to feed on him and carried him for miles to Carlisle (Peter Facinelli). Once a vampire, Emmett developed feelings for his savior and accepted his new life quickly. He had been a railroad worker and woodsman who loved drinking and gambling, and his playful and reckless manner passed onto his next life, along with his physical strength that was greatly enhanced.

Technically speaking, Emmett does not have any supernatural abilities like some of his siblings since not every vampire develops such gifts—they’re only enhancements to already existing traits rather than creations that come with vampirism. That said, Emmet’s strength is superior to other vampires, to the point where he is widely considered among the strongest characters in Twilight‘s world. The films make full use of his brute force, including in the last film’s now-iconic final battle. Although he can easily take on any opponent, due to his reckless nature, he is not a particularly skilled fighter and can be defeated through cunning fight tactics.

4 Jasper Hale

Ability: Pathokinesis

Jasper Hale looking intently off-camera in the Twilight films
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Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone) is Carlisle’s adopted son, arriving to the family already a vampire and still adjusting to his new “vegetarian” diet after years of indulging in blood. He struggles to contain himself at the smell of human blood, often appearing distressed when around humans. Before joining the Cullens, Jasper fought in the Civil War until he was turned to become part of a newborn army created by a vampire who wanted to gain control over the territory. He was tasked with controlling the newborns, something he could do quite easily as his charisma and empathy as a human became so enhanced as a vampire that he could feel and influence other’s emotions.

Called pathokinesis, this ability allows Jasper to sense the feelings of others around him and alter them as he likes. Described by Edward as a very subtle gift, it usually goes unnoticed by those Jasper uses it on. It becomes useful when resolving conflict and alleviating tension, as it can make people calmer and reduce their hostility at the moment. Once he leaves the proximity of his target, the effect goes away, and he can’t extend it very far. The biggest downside of this power is its flip side of feeling other people’s emotions, which was particularly harrowing for him when he was still feeding on human blood, as he could feel the pain and fear of his victims. Alas, audiences didn’t see much of Jasper’s unique powers, as the Twilight films sidelined the Cullens to their own detriment.

3 Bella Swan

Ability: Mental Shield

Bella Swan using her shield projecting powers in The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2
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Becoming a Cullen by marriage in Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Kristen Stewart‘s Bella Swan starts the series as a normal 17-year-old high schooler, with everyone at her new school being fascinated by her. Gaining many friends and suitors quickly, she makes an effort to socialize but remains quiet and reclusive. Bella’s inner world is quite rich; she prefers to spend time by herself reading and listening to music, and her desire to keep her thoughts to herself is so great that she can thwart Edward’s attempts at reading her mind. This remarkable skill becomes much more powerful once Edward turns her. Bella’s mental shield manifests as protection from other psychic powers, such as Edward’s mind reading and other vampiric abilities like illusory pain or sensory paralysis, gifts that members of the Volturi guard have.

As a human, this power only applies to herself with no way to control it; once she converts, it becomes greatly enhanced, especially as she gains control of her shield and learns that she can extend it to others. She trains this ability until she can protect large groups at once, becoming a key member in battle. Bella plays a huge role in the imaginary final battle at the end of Breaking Dawn – Part 2, finally beating the passive reputation she carried for much of the series. Though this shield is very powerful, it is limited by only being useful against mental attacks, leaving her and those under her protection vulnerable to physical strikes.

2 Edward Cullen

Ability: Telepathy

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in 'Twilight', he is a white man with a baseball uniform in a cloudy field.
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Edward Cullen is the handsome, brooding immortal love interest of the fantasy saga, played by Robert Pattinson. Converted to a vampire by Carlisle to save him from dying of Spanish Influenza, he was the first official member of the soon-to-be Cullen clan. He is charming, yet quiet and stubborn, originally unhappy with his life as a vampire until he meets Bella. One of the reasons he is drawn to the human girl in the first place, other than her particularly tantalizing blood, is that she is a mystery to him as he cannot read her thoughts as he can everyone else’s.

Telepathy allows Edward to read other people’s minds, hearing their thoughts and seeing the images they are thinking of. This power works like a sense; much like sight or sound, he is constantly receiving other people’s thoughts. He can tone them down if he isn’t paying attention and focus on someone in particular to perceive their mind much more clearly. His telepathy can extend further out, even reaching miles, the closer bond he has with a person. This ability is limited to only reading a person’s current thoughts, unlike Volturi leader Aro, who can know every single thought, feeling, and memory someone has had through touch. While it can be incredibly useful, Edward finds it boring and sometimes outright unpleasant, especially when at school surrounded by teenage boys.

1 Alice Cullen

Ability: Subjective Precognition

Alice Cullen in 'Twilight', she is a pale white woman in baseball getup in a field.
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Played by Ashley Greene, Alice is sweet, optimistic, and caring but also sly and cunning, choosing to do things by her rules. Out of the Cullens, she is the one who took the most liking to Bella outside of Edward and welcomed her into the family with open arms. Despite her small stature, she is a very capable fighter, not only through speed and agility but also the precognitive ability that allows her to see into future possibilities. Alice’s power works by receiving glimpses of the future, sometimes as feelings, other times as detailed images. However, these visions are subjective; she can see into the future once a decision has been made, so the future might be different if someone changes their mind. If a decision is not firmly rooted, she can see multiple outcomes at once.

With this ability, she can keep tabs on certain events and people, amassing riches for her coven by making predictions on the stock market. Although limited because she cannot foresee events involving wolf shape-shifters, and they’re not infallible as they’re based on the transient nature of other’s choices, Alice’s power is extremely useful. For this reason, she is coveted by the Volturi, who have invited her multiple times to join, an offer she always refuses as she prefers to stay with her family.

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