The Genndy Tartakovsky ‘Clone Wars’ Villain We Need in Live-Action


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  • Durge, a millennia-old and peerless Jedi assassin, is underrated
    War of the galaxies
    villain of Genndi Tartakovsky
    Clone Wars
  • Durge, a Gen'Dai, joined the Separatists in the Clone Wars due to his hatred of the Mandalorians, surviving several near-death encounters.
  • Durge recently returned to the Star Wars canon via the comics, which is now seen causing trouble and could be making the transition to live action.

There are countless villains War of the galaxies, and almost every movie and episode in a series features a new one. There are human, alien and droid villains; some are Force sensitive, and some are not. However you like your villains, the franchise has one for you. As the newest TV shows have arrived on Disney+, War of the galaxies He's even brought some of his best characters to live-action animation or other media, but there's one that hasn't made that jump yet, and he's one of the best villains of Gennady Tartakovskyis acclaimed Clone Wars microseries the bounty hunter, lasts (Daran Norris), it was brought into canon a few years ago, but seeing it live would be something to behold—and it wouldn't be that hard to pull off either.

Star Wars: Clone Wars

Publication date
November 7, 2003

James Arnold Taylor, Gray Griffin, Tom Kane, Nick Jameson


Durge was a millennia-old Jedi assassin during the Clone Wars in 'Legends'

After almost 20 years, the Clone Wars The 2D microseries is still holding up pretty well. Some of the best action sequences in Star Wars history are there, like Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lucas) fights Asajj Ventress (Gray DeLisle) on Yavin 4 and the introduction of General Grievous (Matthew Wood) against a band of hapless Jedi. However, there is one battle that is rarely mentioned: Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) and Durge's Jousting Battle in Volume 1. Yes, just.

This strange but epic duel takes place during the Battle of Muunilinst, a planet that is home to one of the most important factions of the Separatists, the Bank Clan. They finance most of the action, and their home planet is also one of the main producers of battle droids in the Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS), making it a prime target for the Republic. General Kenobi is sent to take over the planet and all seems to be going well. until Durge joins the battle with his jousting team. The Republic sends its own jousting battalion led by Kenobi himself, dressed in full clone armor and Jedi robes. He pierces Durge many times with his lightsaber and even splits the bounty hunter in two, but doesn't kill him. The duel then moves to the banking clan's war room, and Durge uses his squishy, ​​shapeless body to swallow Kenobi whole. The battle only ends with Kenobi blasting Durge from within using the Force, and he still doesn't kill him.


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This resistance to mortal blows is typical of Durge's species, the Gen'Dai; his physiology is unique to the Star Wars galaxy, and his entire body is made of thick strands of pure muscle. They have no organs, i his only weak point seems to be his head. Besides Durge, the only other time a Gen'Dai appears War of the galaxies is at stake Jedi: Survivor. Protagonist, Cal Kestis (Cameron Monaghan), must face a Gen'Dai named Rayvis (DC Douglas), and only kills him with a fatal blow to the head with his lightsaber. Otherwise, Gen'Dai are known to be “unkillable” and can live for millennia. The other known way to destroy a Gen'Dai is what Anakin Skywalker does to Durge al Star Wars: Obsession Dark Horse Comics. Anakin and Obi-Wan have a hard time fighting him aboard a ship in the Maramere system, and Anakin finally ends the whole skirmish by trapping Durge in an escape pod and sending it straight into the sun. So complete incineration is another way to kill the unkillable Gen'Dai. It's still a pretty tough job to pull off, though.

Durge was recently introduced in the new 'Star Wars' canon, and he's still alive

As if a being that kills and cannot be killed wasn't hard enough, War of the galaxies he returned to Durge, although his story is very different now. It is known to have been active during the Clone Wars thanks to an account by the pirate Hondo Ohnaka (Jim Cummings), in the reference book, Bounty Hunter Secrets. His triumphant return to War of the galaxies the narrative happened in another story, however, as he was reintroduced to the major Bounty Hunter War crossover event in Marvel comics.

Durge debuted in the Doctor Aphra comics, dealing with rogue archaeologist Chelli Lona Aphra and bounty hunter Sana Starros. The whole Bounty Hunter War the event takes place in the year between Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back i Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jediwith nearly every bounty hunter in the galaxy chasing Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison/Jeremy Bulloch) to try to steal Han Solo's (Harrison Ford) body frozen with carbonite. There are other iconic returns besides Durge, com Solo: A Star Wars Storyis Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke), and another bounty hunter from legends, Beilert Valance. He hasn't been pushed to any stars this time, so he's still alive and probably looking for new jobs.

Durge may yet make the jump to live action in the future “Star Wars” series.

The most exciting stories ever told War of the galaxies right now they're in the so-called “Mando-verse” live-action series on Disney+. Many characters have made the jump from other media to live action in series like The Mandalorian, The Boba Fett Booki Ahsokai now is the perfect time to bring the impossible Durge to live action as well.

Durge is the kind of weird character that belongs in live action, and his physiology would make him an awesome sight. It would certainly be a challenge for VFX artists, as Gen'Dai are oddly textured and move quite strangely, even expanding their limbs for attack or defense at times. Despite that, it would be awesome to see Durge meet another end in live action.

Star Wars: Clone Wars is available to watch on Disney+ in the US.

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