‘The Morning Show’ Season 4 Will Film This Year


The big picture

  • The morning show
    Season 4 will address the upcoming US presidential election, exploring issues of trust and AI in the newsroom.
  • Show creators aim to navigate real-world events, such as elections, to create a story relevant to the characters.
  • With a focus on artificial intelligence and deep fakes, the season will delve into the importance of truth and trust amid disinformation campaigns.

The morning show has repeatedly demonstrated that it is willing to tackle complex issues with the care and objectivity that a television show on a news network should have. That balance has made the show a hit since it premiered in 2019. With three seasons under its belt, it's only natural that fans would be curious about Season 4. During a PaleyFest conversation (via The Hollywood Reporter) with the cast and crew of the show, showrunner Charlotte Stoudt and executive producer Mimi Leder had some updates to share on where the season is currently at and what it will cover.

She revealed it The morning show the writers were busy at work writing the fourth season, which will, among other things, address the upcoming US presidential election. The show is expected to begin filming later this year. It will come out after the election, posing The morning show in a precarious position in terms of electoral coverage. The show draws on real-world events to create a story around the characters, and with something like an election, you can't be sure of the outcome. It's a double-edged sword for the story because it might be true that viewers will have moved on from it by the time the season ends, and it won't be as relevant.

“I think it's safe to say, I don't think I'm giving anything away, that the show will come out after the election. That's really interesting, writing it now before the election, and it's going to play out later,” Stoudt said. “You have to put these things aside. I think if you do it directly, it's kind of like, “Yeah, I could watch that on CNN.” Leder added: “I would say last season was about, what's the truth? Maybe this season could be about, who do you trust?

Season 4 of The Morning Show will tackle AI and Deepfakes

The AI ​​conversation is heating up every day and no one knows how it will all turn out. But when it comes to facts and truth, something like AI, which can be used to subvert these things, should be of great concern. Stoudt shared with Deadline that they plan to address the issue of AI and deepfakes in the newsroom. They will examine how artificial intelligence can be the next front for disinformation campaigns and where it places your business. Here's what he shared about it.

“… We're going into the world of DeepFakes and AI and disinformation in the fog of war that we're seeing now in the Middle East and all that. We're looking at who can be trusted. And you can trust what you” are you watching Can you trust yourself?

Seasons 1 to 3 of The morning show stream exclusively on Apple TV+.

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