The Real Reason Why Matt Doesn’t Like His ‘Big Brother 25’ Houseguest America


The Big Picture

  • Matt reveals why he doesn’t like America on Big Brother, and it’s not for a reason people would think.
  • Matt thinks America is “wishy-washy” and rules out girls like her, which is why he never saw her being with Cory.
  • America could have voted for Matt to win at the finale due to Jag’s bad jury management and her anger towards him and Cory’s blindsiding.

Big Brother fans were able to watch the houseguests almost at any time through live feeds on Paramount+ during its lengthy 25th season. They noticed Matt Klotz didn’t like America Lopez for some time because of his negative comments behind her back. In the final week of the CBS show, Matt finally revealed why he doesn’t like the receptionist.

Matt JudgeS America For Her Dating History Pre-Big Brother 25

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America came into the house single and used flirting as her strategy. However, she had strong feelings for Cory Wurtenberger and they officially became a couple. They were both in the jury house and voted on which houseguest would win the $750,000, with Jag Bains ended up succeeding in the end. Matt’s reasoning for not liking America was surprising.

“There’s some traits I didn’t like about America,” he told them while shuffling cards in the early morning of November 8. “Well, I’m interested to see what she’s like in real life, actually,” Bowie Jane replied. “When we all talked about relationships, and then she was like, […] ‘It’s OK to date multiple people at once’ kind of people,'” he said. “And I was like, OK you’re one of those type of girls that I’m like nah I rule those out so fast.” The swimmer then said, “And that’s why I never saw Cory and America being together because I’m like, America’s more wishy-washy.” Matt claimed he can’t date multiple women like he can’t be in multiple alliances.

There was a previous theory that Matt didn’t like America because he thought she messed with his shrine to Reilly Smedley months ago. America kept Cory’s things on her dresser and Matt threatened to mess with them. She told him not to and he made a comment about his shrine. America corrected him and said Izzy Gleicher was the one who changed it as joke, then fixed it.

Matt reading that America as the more “wishy-washy” person in comparison to Cory is also incorrect. America pursued him, while Cory was hesitant because of their age difference and that he needed to finish college. He also didn’t want to be physical with anyone in the house. Cory eventually changed his mind, and now they’re in a committed relationship.

America left the house angry at Jag for blindsiding her and Cory. It’s unclear who she and Cory will vote for in the end or how they’ll feel about Matt’s comments after the season. But it sounds like Matt’s previous comments about her, which included calling her a “b–ch” behind her back, stem from his judgment about how she dated in the past. It made it likely for her to vote for Matt in the end.


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