These Lizzie McGuire Secrets Are What Dreams Are Made Of


13. At the height of its popularity, Lizzie McGuire was bringing in an estimated $100 million on merchandise alone, including clothing, a book series, soundtracks and more. It was the Disney Channel’s highest rated and most successful series at the time, averaging 2 million viewers per episode and once aired seven days a week (with ABC also airing it on Saturday mornings).

14. After years of rumors and whispers, Disney+ officially announced they would be reviving Lizzie McGuire in August 2019, with Duff reprising her iconic role and the show’s creator overseeing the streaming series, which would focus on a 30-year-old Lizzie navigating life in New York City. 

15. While casting was initially kept under wraps, a photo from the first table read revealed the original McGuire family would be back in action, with Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine and Jake Thomas all returning as Lizzie’s parents and troublemaker little brother Matt.

16. But bad news Lizzie and Gordo shippers: They would not dating…at least not when the revival starts as Lizzie is engaged to someone else, though Lamberg was slated to reprise his role. “I feel like them not being together is what was so good…it’s that one person that you’re like, ‘Was he the one? Is it ever going to be?'” Duff told Vulture. “You’re always kind of wondering. We wanted it to hurt everyone a little bit, and it’ll continue to hurt.”


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