TikTok Interior Design Influencer Macy Mariano On Finding The Right Style For Your Home

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When you’re decorating a new home or just want to give your existing space a spruce up, finding your ideal interior design style can be a challenge. With so many design trends out there, finding the one that suits your space—and your personality—isn’t an easy feat.

Interior design influencer and small space consultant Macy Mariano lives in a 1330 square-foot, two bedroom loft apartment in South Florida. Posting to TikTok under the handle @macysnook, she shares style and design content with her 70,000 plus followers. Her home, which she describes as having a “neutral farmhouse vibe with a modern twist,” often goes viral on the video-sharing app thanks to the aesthetically pleasing clips that show off her thoughtfully-decorated space.

“I like to keep things neutral with off-whites and beiges, in case I want to add some pops of color for holidays—or just because,” she said via email. “I have big industrial windows, so there is always natural light streaming in at all times of the day. Natural light is a must for me,”

While her neutral color palette is a great way to give her home a bright and airy feel, to bring in even more light and open up her space, Mariano uses a simple but effective trick. “I love tall floor mirrors in my space, so I purchased two to make the space look even bigger,” she noted.

Mariano’s favorite area of her home is the living space, which is often at the forefront of her TikTok videos. One clip, which shows how she enjoys a cozy weekend at home, has 1.7 million views, and counting.

“I get so many questions on my social platforms, especially TikTok, about where specifically my furniture and decor is from in [the living area.] I am obsessed with our wooden sideboard behind the couch,” she explained. “It has helped me perfectly section off the living room from the kitchen. It’s the focal point of our home and a beautiful piece,”

Versatility is extremely important to Mariano, and she makes sure to consider this when sourcing new pieces. Her favorite places to shop furniture and home decor? Anthropologie, H&M Home, Pottery Barn and Amazon.

“Looking for items equipped with the capability to store items and at the same time be used as decoration are winners to me,” she said. “Saving money is something I am mindful of, but if the item or piece is an absolute staple and will work in my space, I might consider splurging,”

While her apartment is the envy of many, it took some trial and error for Mariano to find her style. When trying to figure out your own perfect design, she recommends paying close attention to the sizing of your space.

“Sectioning off space with furniture is great for loft or studio spaces,” she said. “Size up the item and see which corners and spaces the item would do well in. It takes a few times with moving around and testing it out in certain spots, but it will find its place,”

She also suggests paying attention to your lighting situation, and your preferences for natural light versus artificial light. Mariano enhances her natural lighting with floor mirrors and other reflective surfaces, and enjoys low, ambient lighting in the evenings.

If you don’t know where to start, social media is a great source for inspiration—particularly, your favorite home content creators.

“I already know what I like and know what works best in my space, but I am always trying new things and updating my space with the help and influence of others,” Mariano noted. “TikTok has helped me very much and has allowed me to find other amazing creators in the same niche to form original ideas for my own space.”


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