Torrei Hart Defends Draya Michele in Age-Gap Relationship with Jalen Green


Torrei Hart, the former wife of Kevin Hart, has come to the defense of Draya Michele, who is currently in a controversial relationship with Jalen Green, a player for the Houston Rockets. Hart expressed her views on the age gap between Draya Michele and Jalen Green, stating that it was Jalen who pursued the relationship and not the other way around.

Torrei Hart Defends Draya Michele in Age-Gap Relationship with Jalen Green

In her statement, Torrei Hart mentioned that people are making a fuss about the age difference, but she believes Jalen Green sought out the relationship with Draya because he was interested in the dynamic of an older woman, referring to it as “cougar snatch.” She humorously suggested that Jalen was attracted to Draya and that the relationship was consensual.

Torrei Hart’s comments reflect a nuanced understanding of the situation, acknowledging the age gap while emphasizing the mutual interest between Draya Michele and Jalen Green. This perspective challenges the public’s judgment and scrutiny of their relationship, suggesting that it is based on genuine attraction rather than negative assumptions.

In contrast, Draya Michele has openly shared her excitement about her pregnancy and impending motherhood with Jalen Green. Despite the public reaction, she remains positive about her relationship and looks forward to the arrival of her daughter in May 2024.

The situation underscores the complexities of relationships, particularly those with significant age differences, and highlights the public’s tendency to pass judgment on such matters. Torrei Hart’s perspective adds depth to the discussion, suggesting that mutual attraction plays a crucial role in the dynamics of Draya Michele and Jalen Green’s relationship.

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