‘Tracker’ Episode 12 Sneak Peek


The big picture

  • Jensen Ackles will guest star on this week's episode of
    playing Justin Hartley's brother.
  • Colter and Russell Shaw will work together to find a friend of Russell's who has gone missing.
  • Episode 12, “Off the Books,” will air May 12 on CBS.

The Shaw family has a strange atmosphere. Since Ashton Shaw (Lee Tergesen) uprooted his family from civility and transplanted them into the dense undergrowth of the Sierra National Forest, they were never the same. Ashton's death in the early episodes of the hit CBS series, followeralthough in flashbacks, it involved his eldest son, Russell, and broke the family bond in the following years. Jensen Ackles will debut as Russell in the next episode of the show, Out of the Booksand considering that his younger brother, Colter (Justin Hartley) has actively tried to avoid it, their reunion will be tense. A new sneak peek of the upcoming episode shows the pair putting aside their differences to solve a case that requires innovation, in a way.

road TVLinethe clip from the penultimate episode of the show, shows the pair of estranged siblings come together to solve a case. Russell has contacted Colter to ask for his help “in locating an old Army friend who has gone missing after several weeks of paranoid behavior,” according to the episodes' official synopsis. “The investigation leads to the brothers the world of Special Forces missionsshady programs and conspiracy theories.” As the clip reveals, there's a severed finger involved, requiring Colter to be innovative in order to make a print out of it. All of this, the pair must navigate “while grappling with the past of his family”.

For all intents and purposes, the Shaw family is like no other. While previous episodes have seen Colter serve as a soothing balm for other families in need, these final episodes of the season have been dedicated to his own. followerthe most recent episode, Beyond the campus wallspresented to the public Colter's sister Dory, who is played by Melissa Roxburgh. Unlike other members of her family, Dory seems to put aside his family history in an attempt to lead a happy life. However, while she maintains communication with her siblings, Dory seems to harbor some animosity towards her mother, Mary (Wendy Crewson). “She knows there's a lot more to the story [about Dad] of what mother has left, for whatever reason,” Roxburgh had explained about his character.

Dirty secrets for the Shaw family

It's clear that there are secrets lurking beneath the surface for the Shaw family, and they may not be so pleasant. Speaking about his family after the move to the woods, Colter explained that Ashton “started talking about these people coming after him and how we had to be prepared. He taught us how to track, how to hunt, and taught us how to free climb in this place called Devil's Notch.” Dory's episode reveals that her father was a government contractor for several years, and Mary never mentioned it. with follower now renewed for a second seasonHow long can these family secrets stay buried?

New episodes of follower airs on CBS on Sundays. Past episodes are now streaming on Paramount+. Watch the clip at TVLine website here.


Colter Shaw travels the country in his old school camper to help the police and citizens solve crimes and locate missing people until his latest case changes everything.

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February 11, 2024

Ben H. Winters

Justin Hartley, Lee Tergesen, Oscar Chark, Eric Grise, Fiona Rene, Wendy Crewson

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