Usher Promises His Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Have You Saying OMG


“I’m thinking about the fact that I’ve been able to walk through the front door as a result of their sacrifice and ability,” he reflected. “It’s made me feel joyous. It made me feel like I want to go out there, and I want the world to smile when they look at me. I want them to feel something, and feel my passion, my love, feel like I was the right person to sit in this position.”

And while the Grammy winner is keeping most of the details under wraps—hinting only that the 13-minute performance will include skating, costume changes and some exciting guests—he guarantees it will be a total touchdown. 

“People will tune in for a football game, but I hope when they look at that halftime performance, I’m hoping they walk away with something that’s healing them,” he said. “Something that makes them feel hopeful, and not just look at the past, but have hope for the future, and have hope for a different type of future than we’re looking at right now in the present.”

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