Viber Introduces AI-Powered Message Summary Feature for Users


Viber, or Rakuten Viber, has introduced a new artificial intelligence (AI)-based feature for users. The cross-platform instant messaging platform offers a chat summary feature that will allow users to catch up on unread messages with a short summary using AI. The feature is being rolled out in select regions and the company has revealed that it plans to expand it to more regions soon. Notably, Google offers a similar feature with its Gemini AI where it allows users to get summaries of Google Chat conversations in Spaces.

The announcement was made by Rakuten, the parent company of Viber, through a press release. The company revealed that the AI ​​feature is powered by OpenAI's GPT models. Currently, the chat summary feature is only available in group chats and not in individual conversations. The company said: “AI Summary extracts the most important parts of a user's group conversations and in an instant conveys in a concise bullet point what was discussed.”

According to the company, the AI ​​can summarize up to 100 unread messages. When a user enters a group chat with multiple unread messages, they will be prompted for an optional summary of the missed portion of the conversation. If the user clicks the icon, the AI ​​will send a message with the key parts of the conversation transmitted in bullet points. The company said this feature will save users time by scrolling up to go through multiple messages to understand the context of the situation. It will also help you not to miss any important conversation.

To protect privacy, the feature will not include any identifiers in its summary beyond usernames. As a result, specific conversations cannot be externally connected to any group member. The company also assured that Viber does not access or save conversations or summaries on its servers, ensuring the privacy and security of user data. For reference, this feature works similarly to the conversation summary feature in Google Chat in Spaces, which was introduced last year.

The feature is currently rolling out in the US, Philippines, Ukraine, Japan, Bulgaria, and Poland. The company said more countries and regions will have the feature soon. The AI ​​chat summary feature is available on both Android and iOS and supports more than 50 languages.

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