Vice President Kamala Harris to promote Nevada’s abortion rights ballot measure during campaign stop


During a campaign stop in Las Vegas on Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris will promote Nevada's ballot measure to enshrine access to abortion in the state constitution.

The Biden-Harris campaign will help collect signatures for the ballot initiative, a Biden-Harris campaign official told CBS News. In Nevada, the initiative is led by the Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom political action committee. If enough signatures are obtained, Nevadans will be able to vote during the general election to enshrine access to abortion for up to 24 weeks in the state constitution.

According to the campaign manager, Vice President Harris will encourage Nevada voters to support the efforts as “an important step to protect against extremist state legislators who may try to adopt another”Trump's abortion ban' in the future.'”

In early April, Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom announced the collection of more than 110,000 signatures before the June 26 qualifying deadline. To be on the 2024 ballot, 102,362 signatures must be submitted. Of those, 25,591 must come from each of Nevada's four congressional districts.

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks on reproductive freedom in Tucson, Arizona on April 12, 2024.

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

The political group said it was actively collecting signatures from all districts.

“With more than 110,000 signatures gathered in less than six weeks, it's a true testament to the fact that Nevadans recognize the importance of codifying reproductive freedom in our state constitution,” said President Lindsey Harmon.

Harris' trip to Nevada marks her second campaign stop focused on abortion rights in 2024, as abortion continues to be a rallying issue for Democrats. It also comes on the heels of the Vice President's trip to Arizona on Friday after the state supreme court upheld an 1864 law severely restricting abortions.

“Former President Donald Trump did this,” Harris told his crowd in Tucson. “Donald Trump is the architect of this health crisis.”

In Nevada, Harris is expected to again blame Trump for the abortion ban and warn voters that a second Trump term would put women's reproductive freedoms at risk. According to Harris, Trump, if elected to a second term, would sign a national abortion ban.

Harris will make her re-election case in Nevada as she joins Arizona state Sen. Eva Burch.

Also Monday, Amanda Zurawski of Texas and Kaitlyn Joshua of Louisiana will appear at a Wisconsin event for the Biden-Harris campaign. Both women will tell their personal stories of how their lives were affected by restrictive abortion laws in their states after Roe v. Wade.


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