Vin Diesel’s Most Badass Role Isn’t in a Fast & Furious Movie — It’s This


The big picture

  • The pacifier
    shows a different side of Vin Diesel's acting style, highlighting his emotionless portrayal as a Navy SEAL turned nanny.
  • Despite having a typical plot for tough guys and kids movies,
    The pacifier
    stands out for Diesel's unique performance and unexpected character development.
  • The film's failure actually reveals a deeper character study of Vin Diesel, showing his versatility beyond the action hero roles he's known for.

In what role is the action movie legend Vin Diesel the worst? His work continued in the fast and furious the franchise, with its flaming, flipping cars? Black as coal i The Chronicles of Riddick, with its unstoppable night-vision anti-hero? No, of course not! Because Vin Deisel's role, which best demonstrates his unchanging manliness, is none other than Disney's familiar offering. The pacifier. As a Navy SEAL turned long-term nanny, Vin Diesel maintains his monotone effect throughout the chaos he's supposed to steal. It heightens the sense of dissonance that haunts the entire film: even if you can suspend your disbelief in the film's plot, you won't see any of the characters on screen. You see Vin Diesel. Fortunately, among so many other action hero-turned-family-man movies, that becomes this movie's strength. (Play on words).

The pacifier

After recovering from injuries received in a failed rescue operation, Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe is given a new assignment: to protect the five Plummer children from their recently deceased father's enemies: a government scientist's top-secret experiment of which remains in the children's home.

Publication date
March 4, 2005

Execution time
91 minutes

Walt Disney Pictures

In 'The Pacifier', Vin Diesel plays a tough guy on a tricycle

the pacifier, released in 2005, it is far from the last film in the tradition of tough-guy-kid movies. You can probably already imagine how it could play out: an older man (firefighter, army medic, etc.) is all about being sexist. He's dedicated his life to doing hard things, like deep-sea fishing and target shooting. But then, suddenly, there is a change: he has to take care of a family! Suddenly, all those military skills aren't very useful, and our protagonist has to make peace with his soft side. This kind of quasi-comedy has been strangely immortal since the 1990s, although its popularity has waned: Children's blow with Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Game Plan i The tooth fairy with Dwayne Johnson (as well as a sequel with Larry the cable guy), i playing with fire starring John Cenathey all fit

It's not like their plots vary much The DummyNor is it: When Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe (Diesel) fails to rescue a scientist, he is assigned to protect his children. Zoe (Brittany Snow), Lulu (Morgan York), and Seth (Max Thieriot) heads the gang of five children. Predictably, the film follows Shane's adaptation to substitute fatherhood. So what does he do? The pacifier so special What allows you to live rent-free in so many heads? He has something the others don't: Dominic Toretto.

What was Vin Diesel's career like before 'The Pacifier'?

Spring 2005 would bring with it a whole new meaning to Vin Diesel's expression family At the time (as well as now), Diesel was best known for his work in the fast and furious movies Since 2001 The fast and the furious, Diesel played the head of a “family” of street racers. The role of Dominic “Dom” Torretto suits Diesel perfectly, allowing his physical presence to personify both his character and his dialogue. But his life as an action star is preceded by some very interesting and eclectic career moves. Before his vinyl-wrapping, corner-pounding days, Diesel had struggled to find a foothold in Hollywood. Being multiracial made it hard to find roles, especially in the '90s. So if they wouldn't cast him, Diesel decided, he'd cast himself.

The result, 1994 multifaceteda semi-autobiographical short film, was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. Diesel later financed a 1997 project, the feature film lost, which was selected for Sundance. In a stroke of fate, acclaimed director Steven Spielberg saw the short and threw it into the war epic Saving Private Ryan. Diesel was officially a Hollywood actor and starred in both The Iron Giant i Black as coal, films that are still remembered today as groundbreaking. In short, before 2006, Diesel was actually a very nuanced actor. He had earned his stripes on the indie circuit – it was time to do something a little weirder.

What makes 'The Pacifier' so memorable?

Although The pacifier kicks off like most movies of its ilk, with a really cool sequence of the botched rescue attempt, it really goes off the rails when Shane finds a Nazi flag in Seth's bag. It's played, understandably, as a serious moment: a moment for Diesel to become a father. Instead, it's just a reminder that the film doesn't quite have a handle on its many life lessons. (Adding to the chaos, there's a pet duck running around.) Turns out the flag is actually just a prop for a school production of The sound of music, but that doesn't do much to dampen the shock of seeing him on screen in this PG-rated film. This isn't the only bad movie decision: the secret villains turn out to be the family's (North) Korean neighbors, a plot twist that includes a lot of horrible stereotypes. These dents are odd in an otherwise boring Disney story. The rest of the film isn't all that shocking, but it's entertaining: an exercise in character development with the added humor of a messy house on top. Shane teaches the Girl Scouts how to defend their cookie sales with martial arts. Kids Wrestling Coach Challenge (Brad Garrett) to a wrestling match and wins. It's almost as if Diesel has been helicoptered into another cinematic universe, one he doesn't quite belong in.


Vin Diesel's sole directorial credit in the Fast & Furious franchise is refreshingly low-key

'Los Bandoleros' is actually a crucial entry in the Rapid Saga.

The pacifier tries to create itself as a poignant lesson in fatherhood, a fish-out-of-water story for children who have seen fast and furious on his older brother's X-box. While it meets some of these parameters, Diesel's strangely emotionless performance belies the true value The pacifier: The fact that it doesn't work. In its failure, the film is transformed into a Vin Diesel character study. The private, tortured pain of a wounded SEAL lurks behind Shane's brown eyes, and Vin Diesel makes no mistake. No amount of dirty diapers can heal those battle scars, and no amount of singing children to sleep can erase what he's seen. Watching him make his way through a suburban house, it seems almost as if one is glimpsing a story within a story… read between the lines to find some hidden truth. Diesel has always done a different performance than the typical leading man, but at this point in Hollywood history, he's best known for a long-form role. (Or two, if you're one Riddick fan.) The pacifier it was a critical flop, but it still serves a good purpose, reminding us that Vin Diesel is much more than an action hero. It's a Hollywood treasure.

The pacifier is now available to stream on Disney+ in the US



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