Visit Skegness After Blackpool Named Worst Seaside Resort

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Blackpool has been named the worst UK seaside resort in a Twitter poll.

Skegness business owners invite holidaymakers to their seaside town after Blackpool was named the worst seaside resort in the UK.


In a recent Twitter Poll, Blackpool has been named as the worst seaside resort in the UK by a quarter of those who voted. Now, business owners and caravan owners in Skegness are inviting those people unhappy with Blackpool to have a great holiday in Lincolnshire.

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Skegness Lincolnshire attracts holidaymakers from all over the UK looking for an amazing family holiday. With so much to do in Skegness including great amusement arcades, funfairs, and a Seal Sanctuary, it’s no wonder more than 4 million people visit the Lincolnshire seaside resort.

With news that Blackpool is no longer a favourite destination with holidaymakers, local businesses in Skegness and caravan owners who rent out their vans want those who have never been to Skegness to come and see what they are missing.

Jane who has two caravans in Skegness that she rents out told I dailytoptimesthat she has just bought another caravan to keep up with demand.

“I must agree with some of the comments about Blackpool. It was once a great place to visit but now not so much. In Skegness, we have so much to offer for people of all ages.”

Mark who has just bought a caravan in Skegness said he has been coming to the Lincolnshire resort since he was a kid.

“I love coming to Skegness. You can find something to do with in all weathers, and with the investment in the area, it will only make Skegness even greater.”

Local business owners agree that Skegness is the place to visit for a great holiday but one thing that most agree with is the lack of support from the local council.

A business owner who did not wish to be named told In2Town the local council needed to do more to promote the seaside resort.

“What we need in Skegness is more investment and more promotion. I feel let down by the local council which includes the building of the new Travel Lodge. We need more things to do for people not more hotels.”

Skegness does not only attract people from as far as London, Bristol, and Manchester, it also welcomes people more local such as Boston, Grimsby, Lincoln, and Scunthorpe.

It is now hoped that more people will now start visiting Skegness instead of Blackpool which will generate more income for the local area and more jobs.


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