‘Walker’ Never Gave Its Main Character a Break


The big picture

  • Walker needs a break from battling his personal demons and obsession with the Jackal case to focus on his own happiness and well-being.
  • The relationship between Walker and his children has reached a breaking point in season 4, with the family dynamic becoming even more complicated.
  • The cancellation of
    before the expected Season 4 finale is disappointing, leaving fans hoping that the series will provide closure and resolution for the characters.

As we approach the end WalkerIn the busy fourth (and final) season, one thing has become clear on this CW drama: it needs to give our hero a break. For years, Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) has been battling his own personal demons and struggling with how to navigate a healthy relationship with his children in the midst of his job as a Texas Ranger. The show, that was inspired by the original Walker, Texas Ranger which starred Chuck Norris, has taken an even darker turn this season with the introduction of serial killer Jackal. But considering how far Walker has come since the pilot episode, it's about time he got the happy ending he deserves.


A widowed father returns to Austin after a year away, trying to reconnect with his children, navigate conflicts with his family, and find common ground with his new partner, while growing increasingly suspicious of the death of his wife

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January 21, 2021

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'Walker' is revisiting the darkness of Cordell Walker, which was left behind years ago

At the beginning of this season's episode, “We All Fall,” Walker revisited the time when our favorite Texas Ranger went undercover after his wife Emily died (Genevieve Padalecki). While the flashbacks focused on Walker's old bank-robbing friend Hoyt Rawlins (Matt Barr), there was still a glimpse of Walker's undercover alias, Duke. It had been a while since Duke had appeared Walkeri his return marked a radical change in the show's narrative, as Walker began to dive headfirst into the Jackal case, revisiting his old obsessive patterns. What's strange is that this came after he had previously helped shoot Captain Larry James (Coby Bell) of this same abyss. Instead of taking his own advice to heart, Walker has traded places with James as the one in urgent need of rescuing.

It's no wonder Walker becomes erratically obsessed with a case. After being kidnapped in Season 3, he did so during the Gray Flag storyline, mostly due to the involvement of his former Marine Commander Clay Cooper (David B. Prats). In Season 1, he did the same while trying to solve his wife's murder. But while there's certainly precedent for this obsessive behavior, it seemed his long-term relationship with Geri Broussard (Odette Annable) helped make things better. Unfortunately, that didn't quite stick, and with Geri out of town on business, Walker has been thrown even further down the Jackal rabbit hole. To make matters worse, he begins to take out his own frustrations on those around him, especially his children.

Unsurprisingly, Walker's intensity regarding the Jackal only doubled after he nearly caught the killer in “Hold Me Now,” only to be watched by the villain and left for dead. If there's one thing Cordell Walker needs right now, it's a good reality check. Hunting serial killers is a dangerous business, sure, but it's also a tough job law enforcement officers need a level head in these intense situations. Without one, the next time Walker encounters the Jackal, he may not make it out alive. With only a few episodes left this season, it's easy for us to wonder how this can all be wrapped up in time.

Walker and his sons have been at odds for too long

Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker at the birthday dinner in Walker season 4
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Another issue that has cropped up over the past few seasons, but reached a whole new level in Season 4, is the complicated relationship between Walker and his children, Stella (Violet Brinson) and August (Kale Culley). Since the end of season 3, Stella has lied to her father about the assault that took place on Geri, where she thought she had killed a man, only to discover that she is now entangled in a web of conspiracy involving a necklace with possible links to Walker: Independence. While Auggie has been trying to get Stella to come clean with her father, a literal Texas Ranger who could easily help them out of this mess, their secret coupled with Walker's insecurities have only forged a greater chasm between them.

It is clear that, of everything in his life, Walker is more concerned with making sure her children are safe. At times, his overprotective parenting style seems overly demanding and intense, while at other times he has struggled to be as involved a parent as he should be. With the Jackal case putting him on edge, Walker was absent from events such as Auggie's boot camp graduation, but was also irrationally angry at Stella and Auggie for missing a family dinner with him and Geri. It's moments like these that make us wonder why Cordell Walker apparently hasn't learned much about parenting since Emily's death, and make us wonder if tracking down serial killers is the right kind of profession for him . Perhaps, like James, he too needs to take a few steps back.

For a show that's ostensibly about family and the importance of it, Walker fights with his kids too often and doesn't learn to trust them (or at least listen to them first). Walker needs a positive moment with Auggie and Stella to help him make things right with them before the series concludes, and the only way to do that honestly is by overcoming his obsessive behavior regarding the Jackal case. By letting it go and focusing on the facts instead of his emotional reasons for wanting it resolved, Walker might be able to bring enough of himself home that he has something to give his kids besides more failed attempts to repair your connection.


'The Boys' creator is looking for another 'supernatural' reunion now that 'Walker' is dead

With 'Walker' canceled by The CW, the 'Supernatural' alum may finally have time to reunite with the showrunner of his diabolical series.

“Walker” will not return for Season 5

With all the changes that have taken place at The CW, it saddens us to watch Walker was canceled before the season 4 finale, “A History of Horrors and Other Tales,” which will serve as an impromptu series finale. Knowing that this might not have been WalkerThe planned ending is frustrating, as there's no guarantee that the series will end as neatly as it could, but our hope is that Walker is able to patch things up with his kids before it's too late. After the previous cancellation of the Western prequel series Walker: Independence, WalkerIts cancellation is a huge blow, especially given the amount of time series star Jared Padalecki has been involved with the network. Maybe that means a suitable one supernatural the meeting might happen after all.

Walker's darkness is something the character (and the show) has struggled with since the first episode. Whether he's hardened by his time undercover, his kidnapping, a family feud, or the death of his wife, there's always something keeping Cordell Walker from being happy and sharing the same happiness with his children. Yes Walker can do anything before the series officially ends, We hope it helps our hero overcome his own demons and commit to being a more present father, partner, and Texas Ranger in the future.. Sure, the story may be ending on TV, but these characters will continue long after the closing credits.

Walker airs Wednesdays on The CW and is available to stream on Max in the US

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