What Going to Disney Taught Me About Disney Video Games Part 3 – EPCOT and DISNEY SPEEDSTORM


Before you join us for Part 3 of our Level Up! journey through Walt Disney World and Disney video games, be sure to read the previous installments first. Part one explains why Disney hosted us to the parks and began our trip to the Magic Kingdom to experience Disney Dreamlight Valley. I The second part explores our time in Pandora of the Animal Kingdom – The World of Avatar learning about the video game Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.


EPCOT i Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm is the free answer of the house of the mouse Mario Kart. The arcade-style game allows players to compete as beloved characters through levels of Disney and Pixar films. It's also the closest any Disney game comes to recreating the feeling you get on a Disney ride.

After spending the first part of day two at Animal Kingdom, our group reconvened at EPCOT. We were there to play Disney Speedstorm with the surreal backdrop of Spaceship Earth. It's also where we learned Inside out 2Joy and anxiety come together as runners.

Speed ​​storm he is the fast-paced companion of the most fanciful Disney Dreamlight Valley. These two games may seem like opposites, but in their own way they each capture the same experience of physically being in a Disney park. Speed ​​storm not only lets you play with and against your favorite characters, but it takes you through levels that recreate beloved Disney locations. I ran through Beast's haunted castle one day after lunch Beauty and the BeastThe Magic Kingdom restaurant.

The combination of immersive levels, characters you know and love, and fast-paced action is why you play Speed ​​storm It also felt like the virtual equivalent of going on a ride like Frozen Ever After or Remy's Ratatouille Adventure. These two super fun EPCOT attractions take place in their respective cinematic worlds and are both exciting and charming. This is Speed ​​storm at its best.

We also played, for both aesthetic and thematic reasons Speed ​​storm in the GM Lounge above EPCOT's test track. This is the closest and most obvious real-world single attraction in the game. But every exciting ride at Walt Disney World is a companion to the game. This includes highlights like throne Lightcycle Run, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror and the absolutely amazing Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. It's so good I'm still riding it in my sleep after doing it three times while awake. Not just because I'm an adult Guardians of the Galaxy fan, neither. If you've been to Cosmic Rewind, you know exactly why. (If you haven't, I'm sorry, but I'm also jealous that you can still do it for the first time. Plus, you'll be jealous of our view from the GM Lounge.)

Sunset near Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

Obviously, you can't get the same kind of physical sensation that an amusement park ride provides while sitting in a chair playing a video game. There are pretty clear limits to how much a physical experience can be reproduced digitally. But with its characters, theme tracks and gameplay, Disney Speedstorm it's clearly inspired by the fun and excitement you get on a Disney ride. The races are short but exciting, just like a real journey. And with both you'll want to jump straight to the next one. The fun of the game isn't completely recreating the feeling of going on a Disney ride. The fun is trying to remember the feeling you get from a Disney attraction while you're at home. It's a feeling worth chasing.

Month, Speed ​​storm has two major advantages over its real-life inspirations. For one, the line to play it at home is definitely much shorter than the lines at Disney. And second, you don't have to play in the sweltering Orlando heat.

Two children, one with a Remy doll on his shoulder, sit in blue chairs playing Disney SpeedStorm
Nerdist (The two youngest members of our group were much better at SpeedStorm than I, one of the older ones.)

After three parks, three games, too much food, and even more rides, I thought I finally had a solid idea of ​​what I was doing in Level Up! It wasn't until our last day and stop that I really learned why Disney parks are the best promotion for Disney games. To go from a padawan to a master in this subject I had to visit the galaxy far, far away.

Our level up is over! journey through Walt Disney World and Disney video games with Part 4: Galaxy's Edge from Hollywood Studios and the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws open-world game.

Mikey Walsh is a staff writer for Nerdist. He got his #1 song (“September”) on Cosmic Rewind on his first trip. You can follow it Twitter i Bluesky at @burgermike. And also anywhere someone is ranking the Targaryen kings.


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