Who’s Looking For Love on the International Spin-Off?

Who’s Looking For Love on the International Spin-Off?


With all the shows that have come out of the streaming boom, there is one we’ve all heard of: Love is Blind, a Netflix reality dating show where couples get engaged sight unseen. The contestants get to know each other in “pods,” which are small rooms where they are unable to see the person they are speaking with on the other side. Using their best judgment, these contestants then decide if they want to propose to the amorphous blob on the other side of the glass, or if they want to accept a proposal. They are then sent to meet their faceless fiancé, and audiences get to watch as these relationships succeed or fail. The show, which premiered on Netflix in February 2020 and would soon become a pandemic staple, has now had five seasons, with two more planned for 2024. A new season of the original series of Love Is Blind premieres on February 13, 2024.

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In contrast to many other reality TV shows, Love is Blind has grown in popularity throughout its seasons. In 2022, it was the only non-scripted show to crack Neilsen’s Top Ten Original Screening Programs, and in 2023, the show’s fourth season premiered with the highest numbers ever for the series. It has continually surpassed records of time spent on Netflix’s “Top Ten” list, beating award-winning shows like Ozark and Stranger Things with eighty-six days spent on the list. The program has spawned multiple international spin-offs, with Love Is Blind: Brazil, Love Is Blind: Japan, and Love Is Blind: Sweden. Three other versions, Love Is Blind: Argentina, Love Is Blind: Germany, and Love Is Blind: UK have been announced but have no official release date.

Love Is Blind: Sweden premiered on Netflix on January 12, 2024, and is hosted by Jessica Almenäs, a Swedish TV host and reporter. Like all Love Is Blind franchises, the show begins with more singles than it ends up following once certain couples have paired off. While thirty-two contestants entered the pod, only ten were paired off and engaged. With the season split into a three-week event, audiences are eager to see which of these five couples will make it to the altar at the end.

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Adde – 33

Dog and cat lovers, beware: Adde is not comfortable around animals. He is comfortable at work, however, as he is the vice president of a security company.

Alexandra – 32

Image via Netflix.

Alexandra is a secretary-general who can’t figure out why she hasn’t found love yet, despite being ready for years. She is hopeful that Love is Blind will be her turning point.

Amanda – 34

Image via Netflix.

Amanda is looking for someone with a similar Christian faith background in the pods. She is an economist at H&M Group and tried to mentally prepare herself for pod life.

Andrea – 36

Image via Netflix.

Andrea’s likes include working out, and her dislikes include men with big egos and “playboys.” She owns her own gym, and is bringing that same strength to Love is Blind, where she hopes to find a forever workout buddy.

Andreas – 39

Image via Netflix.

Andreas is used to running through flames in his job as a firefighter, but now he’s looking to find some metaphorical sparks in the pods.

Catja – 32

Image via Netflix.

Catja is looking for love, but she is not looking to move out of her hometown of Stockholm. She is a human resources specialist who wants someone who is secure in themselves and takes initiative in their day-to-day lives together.

Cristofer – 34

Image via Netflix.

Self-employed Cristofer works with portable toilets for a living, but he is hoping his time in the pods isn’t a stinker. While he has spent his whole life focusing on himself, he is ready to try and let someone else in.

Daniel – 38

Image via Netflix.

Daniel is ready to explore the world and try new things, and he’s hoping he’ll meet someone on Love Is Blind who will travel alongside him. An entrepreneur, Daniel is hoping to discover his adventurous side.

Emilia – 34

Image via Netflix.

Another pod member looking for travel adventures is Emilia. A business manager, Emilia would eventually like to start a family but has a few things to check off her bucket list first.

Huda – 30

Image via Netflix.

Huda works as an assistant nurse and is ready to find love. Huda is especially excited to connect with someone without knowing what they look like, as she believes true love transcends looks.

Isabelle – 27

Image via Netflix.

Isabelle is one tough cookie. A personal assistant who loves practicing MMA and boxing — and will undoubtedly carry that battle for finding love.

Jimmy – 34

Image via Netflix.

If there’s one thing that self-employed Jimmy loves, it’s taking risks. Lucky for him, Love Is Blind is the ultimate risk.

Johan – 34

Image via Netflix.

Johan’s likes include eating meat and doing his jobs in sales. His dislikes include a partner who isn’t also into the same things as him. Is there a fellow meat-lover in the pods for Johan? Vegans are a deal breaker.

Johannes – 32

Image via Netflix.

Johannes is a project manager who has a very clear idea of what he’s looking for in the pods. His number one priority? Intimacy.

Karolina – 32

Image via Netflix.

How does Karolina plan on testing out her pod partners? Asking them the difficult questions right off the bat. A payroll controller, Karolina says she goes all-in when it comes to love.

Kimia – 34

Image via Netflix.

Kimia enjoys her job as a cosmetic nurse and dating tall guys. She believes in love that endures all…will she find that on Love Is Blind?

Krisse-Ly – 30

Image via Netflix.

Tattoo-loving Krisse-Ly is an interior stylist and a sales assistant on a mission for love. She hopes to find someone she can rely on and find a sense of home with.

Leila – 35

Image via Netflix.

Leila is used to recruiting people for professional positions, but now she’s looking to recruit someone for a lifelong relationship. She has many goals in life and wants to find someone whose own goals align with her own.

Lucas – 30

Image via Netflix.

Lucas is ready to jump outside his comfort zone and find love. An operations manager, Lucas couldn’t have been more excited about beginning his Love Is Blind journey.

Markus – 29

Image via Netflix.

A fitness lover, Mark is looking forward to the challenge of finding a partner in the pods. A training instruction consultant, he says he’ll do whatever it takes to find his person.

Meira – 30

Image via Netflix.

Economist Meira has recently gotten out of a ten-year relationship. While she is ready to look for love again, she is hoping this next partnership lasts a lifetime.

Milan – 28

Image via Netflix.

Milan sells cars for a living, but is he able to find a buyer for his heart? He knows how deep love can be, and is making sure he finds the real thing.

Mohamed – 32

Image via Netflix.

Mohammed hopes to find someone as enthusiastic about health and fitness as he is. A personal trainer, Mohamed considers himself a disciplined person.

Mow – 43

Image via Netflix.

Mow is a recruitment consultant who hopes to find someone as into their professional life as he is. Mow is one hundred percent looking to be married by the end of the show.

Nea – 36

Image via Netflix.

Nea is looking for love and wants to avoid heartbreak at all costs. A Chief Advisor, Nea wants to find someone who has the same passion for travel as she does.

Nina – 31

Image via Netflix.

A creative and an artist, Nina builds her life around having adventures. She is looking for a relationship filled with intimacy.

Oskar – 32

Image via Netflix.

A financial advisor, Oskar is over dating apps. The financial advisor is looking for a relationship that isn’t focused on the superficial stuff.

Rasmus – 32

Image via Netflix.

Rasmus considers himself very organized and hopes that his partner will be just as neat. Looking for many options, Rasmus says he wants to connect with as many people as possible in the pods.

Sami – 29

Image via Netflix.

Sami believes he is absolutely ready to get married. Working in social security, Sami can’t wait to find the woman he will spend the rest of his life with.

Sandra – 36

Image via Netflix.

Teacher Sandra loves to be spontaneous. A lover of yoga, she hopes to find someone to connect with someone using her creative spirit.

Sergio – 38

Image via Netflix.

Multi-faceted Sergio is both a soccer coach and a DJ. He believes he is finally mature enough to be clear-headed in his decision-making when it comes to love.

Victoria – 36

Image via Netflix.

Victoria is full of self-confidence and love and is looking to find a man who can make a great emotional connection with her. A resource educator, she enjoys being single but notes that it can be lonely.


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