Why Boston Woman Says She Was Framed


A Massachusetts woman maintains her innocence as she is charged in the death of her police officer boyfriend.

Karen Readwhose trial for the murder of the Boston police officer in 2022 John O'Keefe has captivated the nation, has led local and state law enforcement to frame it and let the real killer go.

In the early morning hours of January 29, 2022, O'Keefe's body was found in a snow bank outside the Canton, Massachusetts, home of Boston Police Det. Brian Albert, where he, Read and others had been in a meeting. At the time, Read told authorities, according to court records from May 2023 obtained by E! News, who dropped O'Keefe off at the party before leaving.

She also said that when he still hadn't returned by 5am the next morning and she couldn't contact him, she said that she and her friends Jennifer McCabeAlbert's sister-in-law, i Kerry Roberts she went looking for him and found him in the snow outside Albert's house. O'Keefe was pronounced dead later that morning at Good Samaritan Hospital in Boston.


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