Why Julianne Hough’s Kinrgy Workout Class Will Bring You to Tears


In the Connect class, the movements were inspired by the elements of nature: Earth, fire, water and air. This system, according to the website, fosters a combination of balance, clarity, connection and self-expression.

The class started with the element of fire, as we rubbed our hands together to create friction. As our instructor said, “Feel the life force energy coming from the inside out.” My eyes lit up as I felt the heat flow between my palms. I drank, not drank, the Kool-Aid.

After waking up our bodies, we swung our arms back and forth and then did a mix of lunges and dance moves. Then we transitioned into an Earth-based movement, hitting the palms of the hands on the floor and bringing the energy back up into the chest and releasing it again.

Once we entered the water phase, we were more in tune with our bodies, creating wave-like movements by hanging our arms and rolling our hips and stomach in the same way belly dancers do. .

Then came the air section, which, please excuse my frankness, sounded like an orgasm rather than a light breath. And this is where I understood the importance of making a space free of judgments. For we all uttered loud cries and sighs, as we thrust our hands into the ceiling and worked it down to our toes.

At one point, the group also gathered in a circle, swinging their arms and bouncing their legs together, like witches chanting around a pit.


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