‘Wild Cards’ Is Bringing Max and Cole Back For a Steamy Season 2


The big picture

  • wildcards
    fans rejoice! The comedic crime drama has been renewed for a second season on The CW.
  • The show follows a cop and con artist duo who stumble upon crime solving and form an unlikely team.
  • With strong ratings and viewer support, the second season is highly anticipated and tentatively set for winter 2025.

Good news for wildcards fans everywhere: the Canadian police comedy-drama has been confirmed by Deadline to officially return for a second season in The CW. The upcoming season will follow its “spicy” first season, which premiered on The CW in January 2024 and ran for ten episodes that wrapped in March. With a season finale that was watched by more than half a million American viewers, wildcards quickly established itself as one of the most popular shows to come out of The CW last year, making its announcement of a second season a “wild card” for most of its viewers.

The story of wildcards joins a rough policeman called Cole Ellis – interpreted by Giacomo Gianniotti of Grey's Anatomy fame: with a more relaxed con artist called Max Mitchellinterpreted by Riverdale's Vanessa Morgan. These two unlikely partners find themselves unexpectedly together when Mitchell helps Ellis solve a local crime while he is in custody. As a result, Mitchell and Ellis are offered prizes neither of them can resist: Ellis the chance for a promotion to his former status, and Mitchell the chance to stay out of prison, all in return of their willingness to work together as an official crime-solving agent. team

The announcement of a second season was revealed this morning at the Upfronts presentation by CBS Entertainmentwho is responsible wildcards' aired in Canada. While it has not yet been confirmed when the season will begin production, it is tentatively slated for one air date of winter 2025 on The CW, and run for13 episodes.

What else has been going on with The CW?

The renewal of wildcards marks a win for The CW after a week of cancellations, specifically those of the crime drama The Spencer sisters i Jared Padaleckithe western drama Walker, who recently got the ax after four seasons.

In addition to wildcardsThe CW has gotten the mileage out of its sports drama series All Americanswhich also gave birth to a spin-off under the title All American: Homecoming. While a seventh season of All Americans has not yet been commissioned, its showrunner of the series Nkechi Okoro Carroll He reportedly has high hopes for a renewal and the chance for more “stories to tell.”

Other shows close to The CW's docket include fantasy The Librarians: The Next Chapter and the influence of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock and his daughter, which will be issued in late 2024 and early 2025 respectively. How will these shows compare in the ratings to season 2 of wildcards remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: Mitchell and Ellis have proven to be a winning formula for The CW, and it seems unlikely that the network will stop their adventures anytime soon.

Stay tuned to Collider for more updates wildcards and any other CW drama.

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A crime-solving procedural with a comedic twist that follows the unlikely duo of a sardonic police officer and an energetic and intelligent con woman.

Publication date
January 17, 2024

Vanessa Morgan, Giacomo Gianniotti, Terry Chen, Jason Priestley

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The CW


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