X CEO Linda Yaccarino Says Community Notes Could Come to News, Other Platforms


X would like to export its fact-checking feature, Community Notes, to newspapers and other platforms, Chief Executive Linda Yaccarino said Friday at the VivaTech technology conference in Paris. “It's not impossible to imagine that this particular tool is shared by X with companies like yours, other platforms,” ​​Yaccarino said, addressing his colleague Pierre Louette, chief executive of French newspaper group Groupe Les Echos-Le Parisians

X, formerly Twitter, first launched a version of Community Notes in 2021 as a way for its users to fact-check misleading posts on the platform. Volunteers will add more context to potentially misleading user posts through additional notes, which are then voted on by other “noters.” X's algorithms will then decide which context note should appear publicly against the misleading post.

Since buying the site in 2022, owner Elon Musk has pushed the tool as a bulwark against misinformation and, at times, a viable alternative to mainstream journalism.

There is evidence that the system is more effective for some subjects than others. While it is adept at verifying scientific or medical information, it has struggled with more contentious issues such as Israel's war with Hamas, Bloomberg News reported.

Yaccarino said the system can “exclude bias” and that there were more than 500,000 volunteers who contributed to the system.

Elsewhere during the panel, Yaccarino echoed popular talking points from Musk, appearing to blame legacy media for experiencing a decline in revenue as online ad spending moves to tech platforms like Google and Meta Platforms Inc. of Alphabet.

“We've moved into a world with a click mentality and a partisan news environment that really works against legacy revenue models,” said Yaccarino, who was previously the head of NBCUniversal's global advertising business. “When you look at the source of the problem, it's because we moved into this world where the fringe is strong and we want someone to click first.”

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