‘Young Sheldon’ Season 7 Sneak Peek — The Coopers Deal With House Troubles


The Big Picture

  • The Coopers face plumbing problems in their home, leading to a messy situation in
    Young Sheldon
    Season 7 Episode 8.
  • Sheldon decides to study to become a lawyer to help Meemaw with legal issues.
  • Georgie and Mandy move in with Mandy’s parents, leading to tension and disagreements.

The Cooper family has expanded with Georgie (Montana Jordan) and Mandy’s (Emily Osment) marriage. A house meant for a single family is now housing two, and problems are bound to arise with that increase. In new Young Sheldon sneak peeks, the families run into a plumbing problem when the toilet stops working, leading to a less-than-ideal solution from George (Lance Barber). The young Cooper family moves in with the bride’s family, leading to a load of other issues that they weren’t expecting. Elsewhere, Sheldon decides to help with Meemaw’s (Annie Potts) legal problems by studying to become a lawyer.

In one of the clips, George returns home and finds Sheldon studying, and when he asks what Sheldon’s studying for, Sheldon replies that he’s “studying to take the bar exam.” Meemaw will need a smart lawyer, and by the time they find one, Sheldon “can just go ahead and learn how to do it.” Ouch! George questions the feasibility of this undertaking, leading to a revelation of Sheldon’s strategy. He plans to plead insanity so that Meemaw can stay out of prison. Missy walks in with news about the family toilet being backed up. George leaves Sheldon to his studies and goes to unclog the toilet but makes an even bigger mess when water starts shooting out of the bowl.

In another clip, the Cooper family discusses someone who was supposed to help them with the toilet problem, but he weaseled his way out of it. “What are we gonna do? I mean, we’re six people. We need a toilet,” Mandy says. George had already thought ahead and come up with a solution. He gets the family a mobile toilet from school, but Mandy and Sheldon don’t like the idea.

A third clip shows Mandy and George now living with Mandy’s parents. Georgie makes himself a dutiful son-in-law and makes the family breakfast one morning. Eggs are on the menu. Everyone in the McAllister family knows there is no pleasing Audrey (Rachel Bay Jones), and Georgie quickly learns that lesson. “I guess I’ll go to the supermarket later for more eggs for that cake I was going to make,” she remarks while serving herself the eggs Georgie made. Georgie offers to go to the supermarket for her but is reminded that he doesn’t have a job. Audrey will take any opportunity to make her thoughts known.

‘Young Sheldon’ Ends Next Month

Season 7 is the final one for Young Sheldon. However, Mandy and Georgie’s fans can rest easy knowing that a spin-off focused on the young family is in the works at CBS. The show will be a multi-camera comedy that is yet to begin production. The 14-episode final season of Young Sheldon ends on May 16 with special back-to-back episodes for the series finale.

Watch an all-new episode next Thursday on CBS. Stream past seasons on Netflix and watch the sneak peeks below:

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