10 Best Team Flash Members in ‘The Flash,’ Ranked


CW’s The Flash is arguably one of the best superhero television shows to date and a big factor in its appeal is the cast of characters surrounding the show’s titular character. Characters like Cisco Ramon and Iris West prove to be protagonists; Barry Allen’s rock in a multiverse of speedsters and telepathic gorillas.

Team Flash have been the heroes of Central City and even the world at times, and bring the heart and soul to the series, with wonderful side stories and character arcs to fall in love with. With the show running for as long as it did and cast members rotating out of the show, the list of Team Flash members is quite large, but each character brought something unique to the fold that kept the series interesting through its 9-year run.

The Flash

After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he’s been given the power of super speed, becoming the Flash, and fighting crime in Central City.

Release Date
October 7, 2014



10 Cecile Horton

Played by Danielle Nicolet

Formal District Attorney turned Team Flash member, Cecile Horton began her run on the series as Joe West’s love-interest and eventual fiancé. Soon, Cecile would discover that she was affected by the particle accelerator explosion and was a meta-human. Her telepathic abilities would be useful to Team Flash by reading minds and changing people’s emotions, a power completely new to the series that would evolve into a grander variety of uses like flight.

Cecile would come through for Team Flash many times throughout the show, even before she officially joined the team. During her time as District Attorney, she made a lot of exceptions via Joe’s requests to help Team Flash accomplish their missions. She also represented Barry in his court case before going to prison, giving loads of help to Team Flash far beyond just having powers.

9 H.R. Wells

Played by Tom Cavanagh

After two seasons and two iterations of Harrison Wells that were a tad more serious, H.R. Wells entered Season 3 with a quick-wit and charm that shocked both fans and even Team Flash themselves. Initially pretending to have incredible intellect like the prior versions of Wells, H.R. turned out to be a writer and provided a new kind of dynamic to Team Flash with his creative out-of-the-box ideas. His contrast with Team Flash and their often serious nature was a huge breath of fresh air compared to the first two iterations of Wells.

H.R. would go on to be one of the sole reasons that Team Flash bested Savitar, swapping himself with Iris, who was about to be killed by Savitar using his Facial Transmogrification Device. It was because of H.R.’s sacrifice that Team Flash could save Iris and disrupt Savitar’s plan for the future, giving them the perfect chance to take down the metal-clad speedster.

8 Ralph Dibny

Played by Hartley Sawyer

After the stabbing of Judy Gimlin, Lead Police Detective Ralph Dibny was so sure he knew who the perpetrator was that he planted evidence and was caught by none other than Barry Allen. Losing his position and moving on to become a private investigator, Ralph would end up being on a bus that was affected by dark matter amid Barry’s return from the Speed Force and gained the ability to stretch and elongate himself.

After making amends with Barry, Ralph would join Team Flash as Elongated Man where his cockiness perfectly contrasted with Barry’s more serious and heroic nature. Starting as a sleazy, egotistical man at the beginning of his time on the show, Ralph got a serious redemption arc and became a great hero that would help take down the Thinker and the rest of the series’ villains before his departure in Season 6.

7 Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne

Played by Tom Cavanagh

Initially masquerading as Harrison Wells, Eobard Thawne – Barry’s greatest enemy from the future – once led Team Flash and actively pushed Barry to be a better hero and develop his abilities. Being stuck in the past after temporarily losing his speed, Thawne needed Barry to improve and get faster, so he could utilize Barry’s speed to go home in the future where he is Flash’s greatest enemy.

Thawne’s involvement in Team Flash provided some of the greatest moments and developments of the entire series. His speeches to Barry were masterfully written, and he actively crafted Barry into a better hero, making him a huge part of the character’s development. When it was eventually revealed in The Flash Season 1, Episode 9, “The Man in the Yellow Suit” that he was none other than the Reverse Flash, the release shocked fans and critics worldwide.

6 Iris West-Allen

Played by Candice Patton

Iris has come a long way from Seasons 1 to 9. Initially starting as a barista by day and blog writer by night, she went on to be an official reporter, a speedster for a short time, founded her own newspaper and married the Scarlet Speedster himself all while facing the chaotic threat over on Earth-X

Commonly called Barry’s “lightning rod,” their relationship has been one of the core plots and heart of the show since episode 1, making Iris a key character in the show’s story through and through. Iris consistently inspired and pushed Barry to be a better man. She also was a protagonist in her own right through her skills and outings as a reporter, providing Team Flash with her investigative skills and always putting her life on the line for a story and the truth.

5 Harry Wells

Played by Tom Cavanagh

The reveal of Harry Wells in Season 2 of The Flash was one filled to the brim with tension. After being betrayed by Eobard Thawne, Harrison Wells from Earth-2 came through a portal into S.T.A.R. Labs. Naturally, the team was understandably abrasive.

While it took everyone some time to come around, Harry ended up being an integral part of Team Flash. Hosting a genius-level intellect and an incredibly compelling drive to save his daughter who had been kidnapped by Zoom, Harry was potentially one of the best aspects of the second season.

4 Caitlin Snow

Played by Danielle Panabaker

Caitlin Snow is one of the few characters on the show that stuck around for its entire run. Actress Danielle Panabaker got to essentially play three characters out of the Caitlin character, with Caitlin experiencing transformations into Killer Frost and, eventually, Khione in Season 9.

She had many wonderful, heart-warming, and gut-punching arcs throughout her time in the series. Whether it be her shocking betrayal through her Killer Frost transformation or losing her husband for the second time after just getting him back at the top of Season 2, Caitlin was one of the most important characters on the series and a certified fan-favorite. Beginning the series as a reserved scientist who was initially apprehensive of Barry flaunting his powers as a superhero, Caitlin would grow into one of the most complex and heroic characters in the entire series.

3 Joe West

Played by Jesse L. Martin

From the moment Barry Allen’s mother was murdered, after he had lost everything, Joe West stepped up to the plate and took the young boy in like he was his own son. For the rest of his life, through the ups and downs, Joe was there for Barry as his number 1 support system. From day one, Joe has been one of the most selfless characters and due to this, served as an impeccable role model for all of his children.

On top of being an incredible father to Barry, Joe’s job at CCPD allowed Team Flash to have a head start on a lot of cases due to the information he was able to provide them. Many of Team Flash’s adventures wouldn’t have been possible without Joe, and Barry certainly wouldn’t have gotten through it all without him. Not to mention, actor Jesse Martin always brought his A-Game and brought even more complexity to Joe.

2 Cisco Ramon

Played by Carlos Valdes

Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) is undoubtedly the majority “fan-favorite” Team Flash member. The goofy, pop-culture referencing, “vibey” and charming tech-wizard was a day 1 Team Flash member and experienced a plethora of growth and development through his 7 seasons on the show.

Much like his Team Flash best friend, Caitlin, Cisco underwent a super-powered transformation into the hero Vibe. But Cisco’s journey to Vibe was executed through much more of a slow burn, feeling a lot more earned once he finally reached his true potential. The character’s sheer wit and charisma had fans laughing and falling in love with him from Episode 1. His presence on the rest of the show was greatly missed and many were disappointed to find his absence in the series finale, even though Valdes’ reasons for leaving the show were quite understandable.

1 Barry Allen

Played by Grant Gustin

As if anyone else could take the number one spot but the titular character himself: Barry Allen. From the beginning, Barry was the driving force that led Team Flash from being a group of scientists studying meta-humans to becoming heroes. His good heart and determination inspired his peers time and time again, crafting the ultimate superhero force for good.

No matter who threatened Central City or who set out to hurt a member of Team Flash, Barry led the charge. Looking back 9 seasons later, it’s compelling to see that Oliver Queen’s words to Barry in the pilot episode rang truer than ever, “You can be better, because you can inspire people in a way that I never could.” A huge credit goes to Grant Gustin for portraying the character as well as he did across all 9 seasons.



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