20 Shopper-Loved Cleaning Picks That Will Make Your Home Feel Like New


Heavy messes require heavy-duty solutions, and Tub O’ Towels delivers exactly that. They have 47,400+ five-star reviews on Amazon, and according to the brand, these wipes can be used to remove stubborn stains like grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, wax, nail polish, pet stains & more. They’re super great to keep in your car, office, and home, and they can be used on fabric, carpet, leather, metal, appliances, walls, cabinets, toilets — the list goes on and on. It’s also worth mentioning that these towels are gentle on your hands and skin, and they’re formulated with aloe, vitamin E and lanolin to protect your hands.

One Amazon shopper raved, “I have no idea how it happened but my son bought me these for father’s day many years ago. I think did it as he liked the name. Since then, I have been a huge fan of the Tub -O- Towels. I have yet to find a substance it cannot easily remove. Dried paint, oil and grease, Sharpie Market, you name it. The smell is decent and my hands don’t dry out like some other brands. I will say that you need to keep that lid tight because I think the towels are on the dry side and if left unsealed can dry out and leave you with unusable towels. I’ve added a little water to them and they recover ok. I have these in my garage and all my cars. The name is great and I think this is one item that truly does what it is supposed to do very well.”


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