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The Ending Of Chloe Explained


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Catherine Stewart is a successful Toronto gynecologist, with a downtown office and an austere, ultramodern home in the suburbs. She begins the film as cold and closed off as her surroundings; when talking to a patient who has never had an orgasm, she downplays the experience as nothing more than a muscle contraction. Her husband David, on the other hand, is the opposite: A tall, handsome older man, a beloved university professor, and an inveterate flirt. When Catherine finds a compromising photo on his phone after a business trip to New York, she suspects that he is cheating. But rather than confront him with her suspicions, Catherine decides to catch David in the act by hiring Chloe, the escort who works the luxury hotel next door to Catherine’s office, to seduce David and report back.

Chloe does her job, and then some. Her stories of sex with David leave Catherine both aghast and compelled, and try as she might, she’s unable to stop herself from using the young woman as a kind of sexual surrogate. At the reception after Max’s piano recital, the sight of David’s hand on a waitress’ arm sends Catherine into a panic. She finds Chloe (in the middle of a date with a client) and forces her up to her hotel room. Desperate to know what her husband feels like to another woman, Catherine sleeps with Chloe.



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