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‘Love and Hip Hop Miami’ Season 5 Episode 6: Mean Girls


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The Big Picture

  • Fabo’s absence and heated confrontation at Jaya’s 1st birthday party left a bad taste in Ms. Sandra’s mouth, causing tension.
  • Amara’s relationship with Safaree is revealed to be fake, relieving her of concerns that it would harm her career.
  • Suki and Momma Dee clash at the party, Suki upset about weight comments, leading to heated confrontation. Drama unfolds throughout the episode.

Is there ever such a thing as an event that does go well with no fight on Love and Hip Hop Miami? Last week’s episode focused on the first birthday party of Shay Jackson and Fabo’s daughter, Jaya. Fabo was not around for the majority of the party, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of her mother, Ms. Sandra. When he did finally arrive, Momma Dee attempted to sow some seeds of doubt in Fabo’s heart, as she will always want Shay with Scrappy. So, when Ms. Sandra did approach Fabo to discuss Shay’s dog, instead of responding calmly, he got heated. This led to a confrontation between Fabo and Shay’s brother, Emjay.

Last week’s episode also included a tense conversation between Amara La Negra and Safaree, as Amara was informed that her relationship with Safaree is hurting her career. Fortunately for Amara, her career is fine, as she recently shared that the whole relationship is fake. Sukihana also embraced peace via meditation, only to let that peace go during Jaya’s 1st birthday party when she and Momma Dee had a confrontation. Suki is heated at Momma Dee for making comments about her weight without really even knowing her. And of course, there’s Bobby Lytes, who has been sowing messy seeds here and there since the beginning of the season.

‘LAHHMIA’ Mamas and Glam-Mamas

Image via VH1

The episode begins with Shay addressing Fabo’s behavior towards her mother. She was naturally upset with him for how things escalated, and he was open to hearing her concerns. He apologized in his own way, while also informing her of the comments Momma Dee made to him. Shay is over her attempts at interference and decides to have words with her, effectively squashing the issue between her and Fabo. Meanwhile, Ms. Sandra and Momma Dee meet up, as they have become friends. Both of them have certainly bonded over not wanting Shay to be with Fabo, which is fair, as he is a walking red flag. Momma Dee spills some tea with Ms. Sandra, sharing the gossip she’s been hearing regarding Fabo. When Shay arrives to see Momma Dee and her mother, she puts Momma Dee in her place sharing that she can’t be in her life if she continues to try and interfere in her love life. Ms. Sandra goes after Shay to talk with her and continue to air her grievances about Fabo. Shay does agree that Fabo owes her an apology the way he spoke to her, and things end tentatively there. And we say tentatively because this is Love and Hip Hop.

Speaking of Mama drama, Amara meets up with Eliza Reign to look at some property. Eliza has gone from being a stripper and model to a real estate agent. Eliza is feeling proud of herself for getting to where she is despite the father of her child and known THOT, Future. Her relationship with Future ended contentiously, primarily due to him denying that the child was his. His behavior led to massive media attacks on her character, especially from someone who she thought was her friend, Miami Tip. Eliza breaks down about the difficulties of being a single mother, something Amara relates with.


‘LAHHMIA’ Bobby Lytes Rebirth Party & the Mean Girl Mama Drama

Bobby Lytes 'Love and Hip Hop Miami' Season 5
Image via VH1

As mentioned above, there is no such thing as a peaceful event on Love and Hip Hop. Bobby is living his career dreams, acting in a film directed by Vivica A. Fox, and has a new song and music video premiering. Because of this new prosperous era he’s entering he wants to make good with the people in his life. First, he apologizes to Suki after their situation. He listens and hears her and owns the fact that he made a mistake, which is something we love to see on our reality TV programming. Suki is also open and receptive to his apology, and overall, it’s a nice moment. Then, at his event, he also apologizes to Joy for running and telling Trick Daddy about Marlon giving her flowers. Bobby wants a clean and fresh start to his new era, and while he did everything he could to ensure that, the universe had other plans for him.

It is obvious that Zoey Brinxx was hurt by the situation when Trina did not feel like chatting earlier in the season. She said she didn’t take it personally, but the “joke” she made when she approached Trina and Joy at Bobby’s event, hints otherwise. When Joy hears the phrase mean girls, she also takes it personally, leading to a massive blow up that gets Zoey kicked out of the event. While one could hope this won’t have an adverse affect on Zoey’s career, based on the previews for next week’s episode, we know it does. It’s unfortunate that Zoey’s hurt feelings have gotten in her way.

Speaking of hurt feelings, another confrontation for the ages occurs. Eliza and Tip see each other at the event and decide to have words. Eliza wants to know why Tip said all the things she said about her child with Future. Tip says she said those things because they are true, and she has receipts. And just like that, another blow up occurs, with Tip and Eliza going head to head, with Bobby watching from the sidelines. All he wanted was a nice party.

‘LAHHMIA’ Additional Thoughts

Miami Tip 'Love and Hip Hop Miami' Season 5
Image via VH1

  • Momma Dee and Ms. Sandra’s friendship is cute. Momma Dee acts her age around Ms. Sandra, and we love that for her. More of that, please.
  • Trina is all of us when it comes to not trying to be around the drama. Her face during the Joy & Zoey altercation said it all.
  • Please cut the Amara & Safaree storyline. Please.
  • Tip’s mullet wig was… a choice. Whatever makes you feel sexy, Tip!
  • Amara’s wig during her scene with Reign was also a choice. Whatever makes you feel sexy, Amara!
  • “If you go in my tutu, we go together!” aka rules to live by and a t-shirt Amara should make and sell expeditiously.



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