EntertainmentThe Continental Offers The Biggest Clue Behind Winston's Loyalty...

The Continental Offers The Biggest Clue Behind Winston’s Loyalty To John Wick


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It seems that Winston’s destiny will always be on the outside, observing the fates having their way with lesser mortals. He sees it happen with his brother Frankie, as he sees it with John. Both men try to adhere to their principles and are brutally struck down by The High Table in their way. After having a lucrative career as an assassin, John is almost successful in making it out when he finds a family. Even after his wife’s death, he tries his best to stay out of the game, but fate has other plans. Frankie is much the same, a person whose cards are stacked against him.

Winston’s brother also tries to escape a tragic life by finding love. After meeting Yen (Nhung Kate) in Vietnam, the two plan on running away into the sunset together. As fate would have it, Frankie’s luck is somehow even more rotten than John’s. Stealing the coin press goes terribly for Frankie, and he loses his life because of it. Through all of Winston’s proclamations that he wants nothing to do with Frankie’s plans, this changes things. He vows revenge, and he never looks back. This event alters him inextricably. So when he meets a man who looks similar to his dead brother, martial arts skills and all, Winston does everything he can to help him for as long as he can.



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