45 Finalists Chosen For World Drone Photography Awards 2024

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The final shortlist for this year's best aerial photography in the world has been chosen, with five nominees in each of the nine categories. The winners of the Drone Photo Awards will be announced at a ceremony in Siena, Italy on 28 September 2024. The annual competition is open to professional and amateur photographers and is judged by a jury of five professional photographers, filmmakers and curators international

The nominated works, selected from more than 2,000 submitted photographs from 113 countries, are in the following categories: Wedding, Nature, People, Urban, Animals, Abstract, Sports, Video and Series. The works come from aerial photographs and videos captured using a variety of methods, including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, balloons, blimps, blimps, rockets, kites and parachutes.


In the Abstract category, the nominated plans are Elddreki / Fire Dragon by Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove (Belgium), Lights and Shadows by Ignacio Medem (Spain), Magical Lines by Mohd Khorshid (Kuwait), Marching in the Salt Marsh by Raj Mohan ( India). ), and Tree of Life by Isabella Tabacchi (Italy). Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove's stunning entry fire dragon was captured during the 2023 Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption in Litli-Hrútur in Iceland and shows the lava burst forming the image of a dragon, which was only visible when looking directly into the lava field.

Animals and nature

The Animals category includes Pelicanos Blancos by Guillermo Soberón (Mexico), Ocean Clean Up by Toby Nicol (UK), Fuji Mountain by Mohammad Alqattan (Kuwait), Sea of ​​Pink by Paul McKenzie (Ireland) and A Polar Romance by Florian Ledoux. (France). The five nominations for the Nature category are Stay Where Your Heart Smiles by Silke Hullmann (Germany), Blika by Brynjar Agustsson (Iceland), Ground Vein by Xiaoying Shi (China), The Eye of the Dragon by Miki Spitzer (Israel) and Language of Daniel Viñé Garcia (Spain). A polar romance, Florian Ledoux's beautiful photo of a polar bear couple shows a male and female polar bear lying together, having just completed their courtship ritual.


In the People category, the nominated films are Bucha, City of Death by Carol Guzy (United States), Cranberry Harvest by Brad Weiner (United States), Last Minute by Roberto Hernandez (Mexico), Drifting in Space by Gilad Topaz (Israel ), Shepherd with herd by Ivo Danchev (Bulgaria), and Walking for a new life by Luis Acosta (Colombia). Drifting in space Gilad Topaz was taken while sailing an icebreaker, showing a crew in rubber suits swimming in the icy Baltic Sea.


The nominees for the Sports category are Blue Adrenaline: The Surge of Pipeline by Matt Dusig (USA), Chain Lights of Cross Country Skiers by Daniel Koszela (Poland), Boli Khela by Sanchayan Chowdhury (Bangladesh), Minimalist Action by Alex Berasategi (Azerbaijan), and The Shadow Jumper by Edouard Salmon (France). Boli Khela characteristics a centuries-old traditional street-fighting competition in Chittagong, Bangladesh that attracts thousands of enthusiastic spectators.


In the Urban category, the nominated plans are Bridge Brings Into the City by Xu Zhang (China), Village Under Snow by Hüseyin Karahan (Turkey), Jiashao Bridge by Sheng Jiang (China), What Remains by Carol Guzy (United States), and Rocket by Yuriy Stolypin (Russia). rocketcaptured after months of meticulous planning and waiting for the perfect weather conditions, it shows Europe's tallest skyscraper, the Lakhta Center, seen from the highest vantage point achievable by drone.


The five nominations for the Wedding category are Mariage au Sommet by Alexandre Clair (France), Love from Above by Joanna Zdancewicz (Poland), Girasoli Innamorati by Matteo Originale (Italy), Love from Above by Simon Biffen (UK) and Apple Dream by Tim Demski (Poland). Wedding on the SommeA couple shot themselves at the top of a rocky mountain 370 meters high on the Côte d'Azur.

In the Series category, the nominees are New Home (Japanese concentration camps in the US) by Chang Kyun Kim (United States), Region Bor by Sebastian Bühler (Germany), Cranberry Harvest by Brad Weiner (United States), Assemble the City by张翔升 (China) and Realm of the Flamingo by Paul McKenzie (Ireland).

The Video category includes some truly impressive work: Echoes of the Arctic by Florian Ledoux (France), “2 Years Alone” by Bashir Abu Shakra (Germany), One Year in Palestine by Muhamad Abu Shakra (Palestine), 1 Million Bombs Before by Vlad Vasylkevych (Ukraine), Flying Without Wings by Michael Putzer (Italy), and We All Start Somewhere by Alen Tkalcec (Croatia).

Exhibition of Siena with finalists

This year's edition of the Drone Photo Awards is the tenth anniversary and will include a large exhibition Above us there is only the sky with the finalists, from September 28 to November 24, 2024 at the Natural History Museum of Siena.


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