A Rumored Marvel Villain In Captain America 4 May Have Been Spoiled By A Jacket


Many of the comments under the crew jacket photo are from people suggesting that whoever that crew member is (if they even exist), they likely messed up. The top comment from u/rexepic7567 puts a funny spin on the situation: “5 bucks says disney has a bounty on this guy wearing the jacket.” Regardless of whether crew members were supposed to wear their jackets in public yet, it’s already pretty much a sure bet that Thunderbolt Ross will become Red Hulk in “Captain America: Brave New World.” It would be stranger if he didn’t, to be honest.

For starters, the Instagram account @1414falconfan uploaded some leaked images of the “Captain America 4” Lego set, including Captain America (Anthony Mackie) fighting Red Hulk. The post was deleted, but its legacy persists thanks to a Reddit upload from u/Ok_Contest493. Additionally, a set photo came out in June 2023 showing Harrison Ford wearing some tattered pants. Normally, when someone’s wearing ripped pants, it’s because they just Hulked out. Taking all of this evidence into account, it sure does seem like Captain America is going to have his hands full taking on a full-fledged Hulk in his next live-action outing.

Granted, these could all be misdirects. Maybe “Captain America 4” brought on an actor of Harrison Ford’s caliber to play the president of the United States for a quick cameo and nothing more. However, it’s definitely looking like audiences should prepare for some Red Hulk action.


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