ALIENS VS. AVENGERS Pits Xenomorphs Against Marvel’s Iconic Heroes


Once Disney bought 20th Century Studios and Marvel got to play with Fox IP, we got to know the Xenomorphs from the alien franchise One day he would fight some superheroes. Now it's official, as it will arrive this July aliens vs. avengers, a four-issue limited series from the superstar creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić. They're the same creatives behind 2015's epic limited series secret warswhich is being the basis of a long-awaited one avengers sequel in a few years. Marvel has released Esad Ribić's cover for the first issue, which you can check out right here:

Marvel Comics

Jonathan Hickman spoke with Weekly entertainment and dropped some hints about what to expect from the upcoming crossover event.

I've never worked on a licensed or “non-superhero” property in my entire time at Marvel, so when this all came together almost two years ago, I jumped at the chance. I love the extraterrestrials the universe and mythology, and obviously how atmospheric and well-designed everything is has always gotten my creative juices flowing. It was tricky to find a way to make those two things work together, but I think Esad and I came up with something that works for fans of both franchises.

Jonathan Hickman is as great a writer as Marvel gets. His is still running The fantastic four i avengers they are among the best series they have ever had. Meanwhile, his X Men The 2019 reinvention became a fan favorite, fueling five years of storylines. His work with Ribić activated secret wars also changed the game. So this creative team makes this series so much more than just another throwaway IP mash-up. The series will take place in the near future, featuring “older, crustier versions of Marvel's heroes.”

Foreigners vs.  Avengers logo and Weyland-Yutanic corporation logo from Aliens.
Marvel Comics/20th Century Studios

We have to hand it to Marvel for the logo for this series. Fans will notice that it's an upside-down version of James Cameron's Weyland-Yutani logo. extraterrestrials Well done. The Alien vs. Predator The franchise started as a comic back in the day. Since then, the Xenomorphs have battled Superman, Batman, Judge Dredd, and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We'll find out if Earth's mightiest heroes are as much of a challenge to the xenomorphs as those heroic icons.

aliens vs. avengers Issue 1 will go on sale on July 24th, a few weeks early the release of Alien: Romulus.


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