‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Home’: Rescue Bulldog Visits Santa


A sweet rescue bulldog had the opportunity to bring his Christmas wish to the big guy himself – Santa!

Grape, a rescue at Roadogs Rescue in Southern California, recently got the chance to visit with Santa so he can tell him his one big wish, “All I want for Christmas is a home.”

Grape’s Foster Family Took Bulldog To Visit With Santa

Roadogs Rescue – Website

Meet Grape Invictus. He’s a special needs bulldog that is young but trapped in the body of a senior pup. Grape is only a little over a year old and will likely only get to live a short life with the issues he’s facing. He’s currently looking for a family to love and care for him despite his physical limitations.

A video was recently shared on Roadogs Rescue‘s social media pages that show Grape meeting Santa and bringing his one big wish with him.

“Santa… All I want for Christmas is a home,” a sign in his stroller reads. The video shows his experience meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus. Grape got tons of pets and love from the jolly big guy!

Roadog Rescue
Roadog Rescue – TikTok

Many dog lovers jumped into the comment section of the TikTok video to share their thoughts and send Grape some much needed love and support.

“I physically will not be able to relax until Grape finds a home someone loving pls adopt him,” one person wrote. Another added, “I pray Grape gets the best home in the world that will give him all the love he deserves forever and ever.”

@roadogsrescue Roadogs.Org to read about Grape and Apply! ❄️🎄❤️ Idealy we want a home where is the one and only dog. Grape gets depressed and jealous in a home with multiple dogs. He IS dog friendly though! He has lots of friends and can socalize, just doesnt like it 24/7. He is a toddler wrapped in fur! #foryou #fyp #saved #bulldogsoftiktok #englishbulldog #viral #christmasmiracle ♬ Elf – Main Theme – Geek Music

Grape’s foster parents, Cailee and Jack, took him to see Santa. Nikki Carvey, founder of Roadogs Rescue told PEOPLE, “Grape loved it!”

“He always enjoys getting love and attention from people – especially if there’s treats involved,” Carvey said. “Santa said his wish for a new home was perfect, and Mrs. Claus said he was definitely on the ‘nice’ list.”

Carvey added that Grape’s personality is “big” and “he seems to enjoy getting dressed up and making people smile.”

Grape Is A “Happy Boy Who Deserves To Live His Best Life”

Roadog Rescue
Roadog Rescue – TikTok

Grape has some special needs and medical issues but that doesn’t stop him from being a “happy boy who deserves to live his best life,” according to Carvey.

The rescue has spent around $20,000 on Grape’s medical care which includes a palate surgery to help his breathing and stem cell treatment for his joints. The rescue also recently shared an update video with a new issue Grape is dealing with.

“It’s been a rollercoaster week for Grape. Thank you for all the love for him. He is a very special boy who needs a very special home. Let’s help him find it!!” the caption of the TikTok video reads.

@roadogsrescue Its been a rollercoaster week for Grape. Thank you for all the love for him. He is a very special boy who needs a very special home. Lets help him find it!! #adoptme #fyp #foryou #cutedog #viral #bulldogsoftiktok ♬ Je te laisserai des mots (Piano Cover) – IRSNa

“We have a bit of a sad Grape update,” words on the video reads. “Grape hasn’t got much adoption interest despite his video going viral and has also injured his eye. His foster noticed he was squinting Wednesday morning and we rushed him to the vet.”

The story goes on to explain that after some eye drops were given and he was sent home, it got “much worse.” He ended up being taken to a specialist and getting emergency surgery.

“He needed a graft, but his eye has been saved. They have also amputated his cherry eye. It has been tacked twice (and failed.) This poor boy has been through so much,” the video continued. “We just want to find Grape a home full of unconditional love. He deserves the world.”

Many people commented that they put in an application to be Grape’s forever home, with some even being out of the state. Others just shared supportive and loving comments for the adorable pup.


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