All of Taylor Swift’s Nods to Ex Matty Healy in Her “Fortnight” Video


“Loml”: In this heartwarming song, Taylor sings for the first time about being called the love of someone's life “about a million times.” However, the dynamic soon changed.

“If you know it by sight, it's legendary,” he notes. “What we thought was forever was momentary.”

He ends the song by letting the person know, “You're the waste of my life.”

While it could be about her long relationship with Joe, the lyrics about “rekindled flames” and “we were just kids, baby” hint that it's about her spark with Matty after all these years: “Never before I've never felt a glow like that since.”

“I can do it with a broken heart”: The song appears to be about Taylor killing her Eras Tour despite the heartbreak, noting that she's “making my marks” on stage in front of a chanting crowd. He hides his emotions by putting on a strong face: “Lights, camera, fucking smile.”

Although this song is upbeat, it is filled with lyrics of unrequited love.

“I'm so obsessed with him, but he avoids me like the plague / I cry a lot, but I'm so productive, it's an art,” she sings. “You know you're good when you can even do it with a broken heart.”

“The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived”: Taylor has a few questions for the “smallest man who ever lived,” who apparently left their relationship out of the blue.

“You turned off the stage lights, but you're still performing,” he sings. “And in plain sight you've hidden / But you are what you've made.”


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