Ally Lewber Shares Message for Raquel Leviss about Dog Graham


Ally Lewber shared a message for Raquel Leviss about her former dog Graham, whom Raquel gave up last year. Ally also revealed her desire for an intimate wedding with her boyfriend James Kennedy, Raquel’s ex.

Ally and the Vanderpump Rules star adopted Graham after Raquel entered a mental health treatment facility in 2023. He claimed the dog was set to be euthanized – and Raquel claimed James was a bad owner, encouraging Graham’s aggressive behavior.

On the Scheananigans with Scheana Shay podcast, Ally said James has continually treated Graham with love. She was eventually asked if she wanted to share a message with Raquel, letting her know how Graham is doing.

Ally claimed she “felt awful for” Raquel when they adopted the dog, now named Hippie.

“I could not imagine having someone else take Hippie now. Or take my cats. In what world? Like that’s not happening. So I did feel really bad,” she stated, via Heavy. “And if I did have a message, it would be, he’s good. He’s well. And we love him so much. And he’ll always be taken care of.”

But Ally claimed she “was really nervous” to adopt him at first, given his history of aggression, and she feared he could harm her own cats. The star said she, Kennedy, and Hippie have received extensive training, which worked.

“So at the beginning, I wasn’t thrilled. But now I’m like, ‘Thank you universe, blessing, kisses.’ I’m obsessed with that dog. I love that dog. And he gets along with the cats,” she said.

In an interview with The U.S. Sun, Ally shared she would love to have an intimate wedding, though she joked that James would be a “groomzilla.” She claimed they’ve discussed marriage – and what type of wedding they’d want – but they aren’t in any rush. Right now they seem to be happy “nesting” with the pets.

“I do see a future with him. And with this show, that’s taken up so much of our energy, it’s nice when we’re not filming,” she said. “This year’s felt so different than last year, and I feel like we’ve really grown as a couple.”

When asked about potential wedding plans, Ally responded, “I literally change my mind all the time. That’s why I don’t think I’m ready … Some days I want to have it in Italy, a huge, classic, wedding, I want a swing band. Then other days I’m like, the courthouse would be fine.”

“I do think he’d be a little bit of a groomzilla, actually, I’m not going to lie. Oh my god, he totally would. He and my mom. Both of them together,” she added. “They’re very similar. He cares about that stuff. But he would let me pretty much take the reins, though … I think I would prefer a smaller wedding though. It’s so scary. I don’t want to be nervous, feeling like I’m going to throw up while I’m walking down the aisle.”

She also explained, “I was never really the girl dreaming about the wedding. My mom’s been married three times. I grew up with a single, very independent mom so that probably did something to me too. If it happens it happens, there’s no rush.”

But how would James be as a father?

“I think he’ll make a great dad. With Hippie, he loves that dog more than life itself,” she said. “He would die for that dog … And I just want everyone to know that Hippie could not be in a better environment. He has a yard, James walks him twice a day, I walk him, he’s just so loved by us.”

Ally said James evolves “every day.”

“I know that sounds so cheesy, but he just got rid of his little I8, you know, that little BMW that he would drive and he would drive it so fast and I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, we’re gonna die,’” she said. “It was like a bachelor, fun, f**kboy car. He just sold it and then he just bought like a Range Rover.”

“He will get ready to go to interviews or go somewhere out with people and he’ll like get dressed up and joke, ‘Do I look like a dad?’” she went on. “He’s just totally in that phase, he’s got like the dad car, he’s wearing the sweaters with the watch. But then his behavior too, he’s just such a homebody … Things are going really well … He bought the house but he’ll say it’s our house, it’s been amazing.”

Ally said they moved into the house in April 2023, and she loves organizing and decorating it.

“I’ve just had so much fun,” she said. “And it’s in Burbank, so it literally feels like this little nest we’ve created. Away from like WeHo and all of that because he’s sober now, so we don’t go out.”


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