Amy Robach Admits She’s ‘Sad’ About Not ‘Having Kids’ With T.J. Holmes


Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes recently opened up about not having kids together, with Robach acknowledging that it makes her a “little sad.”

On their podcast, Robach noted that their similar parenting style made her feel like she was “missing out” on having kids with Holmes. The duo both have children from their previous relationships.

Amy Robach Says She And T.J. Holmes Have ‘Similar Parenting Style’


On the latest episode of “Amy and T.J. Podcast,” Robach and Holmes discussed a shared aspect of their lives. During the conversation, Holmes asked his partner if she thinks they are “missing out on having kids.”

In response, the former “GMA 3” co-anchor said: “Absolutely. Yes.” She explained, “I see your parenting style, and it’s very similar to mine, and that is a gift.”

Robach continued: “If any of you all out there have a shared parenting style with your partner that makes life so much easier or at least a little bit easier. And it feels good to have a similar mode of operation when it comes to what we want for our kids, what we want to teach them.”

“And what I love about you is that you’re willing to let your child not like you in the moment to teach them a lesson to do the right thing. I appreciate that,” she added.

Despite this, Robach admits to moments of sadness, concluding, “So yes, I have multiple times been a little sad that we did not come together at a time where we could have had that option.”

The Couple ‘Anticipated’ Their Former Spouses Dating Each Other

Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes Reportedly 'Angry' That Their Exes' Romance Might Overshadow Their New Podcast
Instagram | Marilee Fiebig

Robach and Holmes both have children from previous marriages. Robach shares daughters Ava and Annalise with her ex-husband Tim McIntosh. On the other hand, Holmes has a daughter, Sabine, with his ex-wife, Marilee Fiebig, and also shares children, Brianna and Jaiden, with his first wife, Amy Ferson.

Holmes and his ex-wife Fiebig split in December 2022, after his workplace romance with Robach became public. Their divorce was finalized in October. At the time of their affair, Robach’s separation from her actor husband, Andrew Shue, was not confirmed, which made the situation more scandalous.

Last December, rumors began swirling that both of their exes were dating, and the former co-anchors addressed the rumors on their podcast.

“We absolutely anticipated that that was going to happen. There’s nothing we can do about those,” Holmes stated. “But this place, this podcast, this platform is not and will never be… We are committed to a place that this is not gonna be about gossip, this is not gonna be a place where we clap back at headlines.”

He added, “We are not going to get into that back-and-forth game because gossip is toxic.”

Amy Robach Says She Wants ‘Elope’ And Go To Fiji For Her Third Wedding

Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Reveal Why They Enjoy Engaging In 'A Lot of PDA'

In another segment of their recent podcast episode, Robach and Holmes delved into the topic of marriage, with Robach expressing her desire for an intimate third wedding.

When Holmes asked about her ideal scenario, the 51-year-old joked, “Justice of the peace. Vegas.” Surprised, Holmes responded, “Is there a justice of the peace in Vegas? I thought only Elvis did them … That’s where you want to have it.”

However, Robach later revealed her preference for a small and “very intimate gathering” or to “run off and elope somewhere.”

“I think that’s probably if I had to pick, I’d pick eloping and going to Fiji or somewhere really nice and far away,” she added.

Holmes humorously remarked on her choice: “Running to Fiji, okay, You really want to get away. Alright.”

Amy Robach Says She Wants A ‘Partner For Life’

Still, on their podcast, Robach expressed her desire for “a partner for life.” She emphasized: “That idea of sacrifice, that idea of giving instead of getting, I love that. And it enhances your life to have a partner. I mean there’s nothing I want more I think than that.”

The duo also reminisced about a pivotal moment in their relationship when they sensed a shift from friendship to something more during a post-dinner walk.

Recalling the moment, Robach said: “I believe that we were walking back from having dinner with friends, and on the walk back, you walked me back. I felt something different in the way we were looking at each other.”

“I know that exact time you’re talking about,” Holmes interjected.

“We didn’t say anything … I didn’t say anything. You didn’t say anything, but I felt [a connection],” Robach continued. She added that the pair “made a stop” afterward, while Holmes said it “was a fun night.”


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