Andre Is the Heart and Soul of ‘Vanderpump Villa’


The Big Picture

  • An exciting party atmosphere among
    Vanderpump Villa
    staff leads to high drama with guests.
  • Mixologist Andre Mitchell gains Lisa Vanderpump’s trust with professionalism, but faces romantic turmoil with coworkers.
  • Andre’s emotional backstory and path to potential heartbreak are highlighted in his interactions on the show.

The cast of Vanderpump Villa is the staff of Lisa Vanderpump’s newest business venture, located at the Château in the French countryside. The cast is full of attractive young hospitality professionals that Lisa chose to create guest experiences at the Château Rosabelle. The cast came in hot with an explosive first few experiences with their guests. The cast is built up of very big personalities, after all. Marciano Brunette and Hannah Fouch brought relationship baggage with them as they’ve had a pretty consistent on-again, off-again relationship. And, as for the rest of the staff, there is a solid mix of those who desire to party as much as possible to those who are there to focus on their work.

They are also simply excited about being working in France for the Lisa Vanderpump experience. They’re also excited to finding romance wherever they can. The first three episodes show a cast that, for the most part, is ready to party. They flirt with and drink with the guests, and some even get to the point of kissing the guests. Their zeal for partying meant that Lisa had to keep a very close eye on all of her employees. There is one staff member, however, that Lisa trusts implicitly: Andre Mitchell, one of two mixologists at the Château Rosabelle. Andre proved himself in Lisa’s eyes after showing a level of professionalism on an evening in which several staff members let said professionalism fly out the window.

Vanderpump Villa

Follows the hand-picked crew of Lisa Vanderpump’s opulent French villa as they live and cooperate to satisfy each extravagant want of their affluent visitors.

Release Date
April 1, 2024

Lisa Vanderpump , Hannah Fouch , Priscila Ferrari , Emily Kovacs , Eric Funderwhite , Anthony Bar , Caroline Byl , Grace Cottrell


Lisa Vanderpump


Andre Mitchell’s Inspiring Story on ‘Vanderpump Villa’

Andre is a mixologist from Texas. A big guy with a sweet demeanor, Andre expressed a lot of excitement about having the opportunity to work for Lisa. He clearly understands the magnitude of the opportunity that she’s given him, and it’s clear that he has no intention of jeopardizing it. When the majority of the staff at Vanderpump Villa went all in on partying, he was one of the few who adhered to the rules. Lisa took notice of this, and when she called him into her office to commend his hard work, he broke down into tears. He shared that his mother recently passed away and that she’d loved watching Lisa on her various shows. The story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. His tears show the level of gratitude he has for being there. There’s the fact that he knows how proud his mother would be of him being commended by Lisa personally.

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What makes this emotionally vulnerable moment even better is when Lisa goes back into business mode. Being the only person she trusts to give honest accounts of what’s going on during service is a big deal. As someone who is in the midst of building up his career, this is an excellent opportunity to be in. In fact, the only thing that could potentially mess it up is potential interpersonal issues. Given how pretty everyone in the cast is, combined with the romantic air around the château, it’s natural that people have love on the brain; love is in the air, and when there is love, there is also disappointment. This is seen pretty clearly in the drama between Hannah and Marciano. Marciano, the lead server, made out with one of the guests, leading to a night full of tears for Hannah.



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Is Heartbreak Already on the Horizon for Andre?

Andre Mitchell pouring a drink on 'Vanderpump Villa'
Image via Hulu

In such close quarters, emotions feel higher than usual. So, it’s only natural that flirtatious behavior intensifies. And Andre is not immune to the pheromones in the air. He and Gabriella Sanon, one of the two event coordinators on the property, began a simmering flirtation. He likes her quite a bit, and she shares that, even though he’s not her usual type, she’s developing a crush on him as well. Given that Gabriella is, for the most part, on the unproblematic side of the staff, they’re easy to root for as a couple. Unfortunately, in Episode 3, things take a turn. When a group of men come to the château as guests, the ladies are immediately thirsty for their company. Hannah, who was still riding on the anger of Marciano’s misstep, was determined to hook up with one of the guests. In fact, it is one particular guest that the majority of the women are attracted to, including Gabriella. She shares in a confessional that the guy is very much her type, and despite her slow-burn romance with Andre, she is going to go for it.

Initially, Hannah was winning the battle for his attention, but that derailed when she got a little too emotional with him at the bar. Her feelings caused him to walk away, and he made a beeline for Gabriella. They walk off to get some alone time and Andre, and Andre sees that she’s walking off with him. Naturally, he is very perplexed. They had a good thing going, after all. While no one can be sure of the conversations Andre and Gabriella had off camera, it’s safe to guess that they may have told each other their intentions clearly before pursuing their romantic feelings. It seems like they did not tell each other what they actually want from each other, and not having those expectation-setting conversations in that kind of environment is a recipe for disaster. And it seems as if Andre is on his way to heartbreak. But hopefully, they are both able to come to an amicable conclusion without any feelings being too hurt.

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