Angel Carter Mourns Death of Sister Bobbie Jean in Moving Message


Angel Carter is reflecting on her childhood with sister Bobbie Jean Carter.

One day after news of Bobbie Jean’s death emerged, Angel penned a message to her late sibling. 

“You had a great sense of humor, and a lively spirit,” the tribute, posted to Instagram Dec. 24, began. “Growing up, I was your baby, and you were my best friend.”

“Life wasn’t fair to you, that I know,” she continued. “Sometimes, it feels like you didn’t have a shot, no matter what.”

Bobbie Jean—who is also the sister of Nick Carter, as well as the late Aaron Carter and Leslie Carter—was just 41 at the time of her passing. An official cause of death has yet to be shared publicly. 

“Experiencing innocence instead of being burdened by trauma, pain, and suffering is incredibly important for children, particularly at such a young age,” Angel continued. “I know why Leslie, Aaron, and now you ended up in the circumstances that you did. I share that pain we experienced during our childhood and I’m sorry you didn’t have an opportunity for a better life.”


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