Ari Fournier Gets Ready For Paco Rabanne Fall 2024


Ari Fournier has perfect bangs. They are sleek but messy, somehow long and short at the same time. She wears it loose and messy — the quintessential French-girl style. It’s perfect for Paris Fashion Week.

“When I’m in New York, it’s all about being understated and cool. And L.A. is so casual,” says the Montréal native who, alongside boyfriend Cole Sprouse, splits her time between Brooklyn and L.A. “When I’m in Paris, I just love to lean into the glam of the city. I’ve been trying to really embody that when I’m in Paris. And I feel like that’s what I like to do anyway, to be honest.”

Fournier has been keeping her schedule packed and the outfits coming. On Feb. 29, she kicked off her week at Rabanne, where she wore an oversized blazer with the brand’s signature chainmail detailing. “I had in mind to do one of those chain dresses because I just love the chainwork Rabanne does,” she says. “And I tried a couple at the fitting, it was great, but then I realized that I’ve worn so many of them at shoots and stuff, so I was like, ‘Okay, let me do something a little bit different.’ And so I went for a blazer dress, which it seems as just like something that I would do anyway. It felt just very me.”

It’s Fournier’s first Paris Fashion Week, but luckily, she has a built-in tour guide in the form of Sprouse. “He’s being a really good mentor for me, but he also lets me do my thing. Which is so important for me. He’s not overtaking anything in a way,” she adds. “I love being his plus one. I love being the supportive girlfriend, but he’s such an incredible support for me. I’m so lucky to have him.” As we catch up at Caviar Kaspia, the two already have plans for a romantic date night at the Eiffel Tower after this. Of course, it’s not hard to have a romantic date no matter where you are in Paris. And when it comes to dinner, Fournier’s not fussy: “A glass of wine and charcuterie board and you can’t go wrong,” she says. “Or just bread. I’ll eat just bread for dinner in Paris.”


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