‘Baghead’ — Everything We Know About the Freya Allan-Led Horror Movie


Baghead embraces one of the most popular horror tropes of mankind, dating back to the days of the 1600s and beyond. The idea of communicating with the dead has been present throughout all regions, cultures, and religions of the world for centuries and has often been used as a basis for many horror stories and movies ever since. Alberto Corredor, who directed the original Baghead short film in 2017, is stepping up to the bat as director of his first feature-length film based on the short. Corredor has stated that he derives a lot of his inspiration from famed monster-fanatic Guillermo Del Toro throughout his career.

Written by Bryce McGuire and Christina Pamies, Baghead encompasses all those thoughts of “what lies beyond” and the more macabre idea that one might be able to commune with the dead to seek answers to questions that the deceased have left unanswered during their time among the living. If you’re a horror fan, you know all too well that oftentimes any attempts to communicate with recently-passed loved ones do not always fare well for the person who instigates that conversation. This article will tell you everything you need to know before Baghead comes out, and give you plenty of time to burn some sage in your house beforehand.

When Does ‘Baghead’ Come Out?

The film is currently in post-production, so it has seemingly escaped the red tape of the recent WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike. It has a tentative release date of February 8 for Mexico, but it’s unclear when the movie will be available to stream that day for US audiences. It’s unlikely that the movie will get a domestic theatrical release, but very likely, the film will be available to watch on streaming platforms during the month of February. Stay tuned as we await more information on a wide release.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Baghead’?

Unfortunately, no trailers have been released for the anticipated Baghead film. Stay tuned as we’ll be updating this section once footage is released.

What Is ‘Baghead’ About?

Based on the original short film of the same name, Baghead expands upon the concept of “if you could ask a question to a recently deceased loved one with a high possibility of things going awry… would you?” Baghead is by all means a “ghost story,” following a grieving young man named Kevin. After he is left with unanswered questions following the sudden and tragic death of an important woman in his life, he decides to try to find some answers.

Bereft, Kevin seeks out the assistance of a shape-shifting witch, known as Baghead, to try to communicate with the recently deceased. He finds her in a grungy back-room of a pub, and despite the underwhelming location, he learns that she is actually able to channel the voices of the dead. However, during their session, he soon learns that he’s opened a can of worms that he might not be able to close again. When it’s not a matter of saving a life or changing the past… how far would you be willing to go to seek out answers that ultimately won’t change the outcome of previous events?

Who’s in the Cast of ‘Baghead’?

Image via Netflix

Kevin, who is the main protagonist, will likely be played by Treadstone’s Jeremy Irvine. He has also appeared as Young Sam in the popular musical sequel, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, as well as starring in the 2011 Academy Award-nominated film War Horse as Albert Narracott. It’s unclear who exactly the “recently deceased” person in his life is, but it could very well be a romantic partner or a sister who causes him to take the risk of embarking on his journey into the world of communicating with the dead.

In addition to Irvine, there are several actresses who have been listed in the cast for this film with no indication of who they will play. Any one of them could be the reason for Kevin’s embarking into the world of the dead. Freya Allan, who plays Ciri in the popular Netflix series The Witcher, is most likely, as the Baghead witch seems to be able to take on the physical form of the departed. Julika Jenkins (Dark) will also play a major role in the movie, along with Saffron Burrows (You), Svenja Young (The Empress), and Ruby Barker (Bridgerton).

Listed as “The Solicitor” in the cast, Ned Dennehy, who is most recognized for his role as The Harbinger from the horror-comedy Cabin in the Woods (“Am I on speakerphone?”) will likely be taking over the role of the Gatekeeper from the 2017 short film.

The Gatekeeper,(previously portrayed by Julian Seeger) is the man who runs the pub that hosts the Baghead Witch, and plays the most important role in any horror movie as the character that tries to warn the protagonist away from their impending doom if they continue their journey, much like the Harbinger from Cabin in the Woods. Joining him is Peter Mullan in an undisclosed role. Mullan appeared previously with Jeremy Irvine in War Horse, as well as Westworld, and most recently in Liason as Richard Banks.

Movies Like ‘Baghead’ That You Can Watch Right Now

Logan Creran in The Other Side of the Door
Image via 20th Century Studios

There are many great horror movies that involve attempts to communicate with the dead, using a variety of methods such as Ouija boards, séances, Hoodoo rituals, you name it. While you wait for Baghead to come to streaming services, you can check out some of these movies!

The Other Side of the Door (2016) – Maria Harwood (Sarah Wayne Callies) has never recovered after losing her son, Oliver, in a car accident that resulted in his drowning. At the moment, she was faced with the decision to save her daughter and herself or risk all three of them drowning because Oliver’s leg was stuck. Years later, after a failed suicide attempt, her housekeeper Piki (Suchitra Pillai) tells her there’s a way that she can speak with her late son one last time. She must travel to an abandoned temple in Piki’s home village to perform a ritual. She promises Maria that she will be able to finally say goodbye to Oliver, but she can only speak to him through the closed temple door and must never open it, no matter what Oliver says to her. Of course, after hearing his voice pleading with her through the door, she opens it, unleashing something that is not of this world.

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White Noise (2005) – White Noise (not to be confused with the Noah Baumbach film by the same name) is a supernatural thriller that follows Jonathan Rivers (Michael Keaton) in the aftermath of his pregnant wife Anna’s (Chandra West) unexpected disappearance. After several weeks go by, he is approached by a man who claims he is able to record messages from his late son through electronic voice phenomena, or EVP. Jonathan is hesitant, but after he hears the recordings, he decides to try it in order to get some answers about Anna’s disappearance. While he does ultimately get to hear her voice briefly, he also begins to hear other voices too, angry and aggressive voices. He is warned that using EVP is like using an Ouija board and can also attract spirits that might not be so friendly. Jonathan only takes the warning seriously after he notices three demons following him outside the confines of EVP.

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