Barney the Dinosaur Crocs Are a Great Big Hug for Your Feet


How can I prove I love you? And, just as importantly, how can you prove you love me? Easy, the way people always have. We can show we’re a great big family by giving each other comfortable footwear. And if you really want to show your affection for someone—along with ’90s children’s TV programming—you can get each other a pair of Crocs’ newest shoe. These purple and green clogs celebrate Barney the Dinosaur.


Whether you loved Barney and Friends or despised it, Crocs has a new Classic Clog for you. Why is the company’s Barney the Dinosaur shoe perfect for both groups? Because if you love Barney they’re a fun way to celebrate the iconic kids show character. But if you hate Barney you can pretend you finally defeated him. These clogs look like someone chopped off Barney’s feet after slaying him.

(Maybe, uh, maybe don’t describe them that way to kids.)

As for their actual description, the Barney Crocs are purple on the outside with green detailing on the inside. They also have green dinosaur spots on the heel, the Barney logo in multiple places, and “I Love You” and “You Love Me” are embossed in text on the back straps. The best part, though, are the “dimensional molded dinosaur toes” which attach to the front of the clogs. That’s what makes them look like actual dinosaur feet.

Barney clogs are available in both men and women styles. And you can jazz yours up even more with a five-piece set of Barney Jibbitz charms. The collection features colorful characters, rainbows, and stars charms.

Five Crocs Jibbitz charms celebrating characters, rainbows, and stars from Barney and Friends

You can order your Barney Classic Clog Crocs for $69.99. The Jibbitz charms pack will run you an extra $19.99. Hugs should be free, but only because you should only be getting them from people you love, love you, or from a giant purple dinosaur.


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